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UnCategorized Empowering mangers with required information will give superiors more time perform important tasks. When information is passed onto managers, their skills improve and they are able to make informed decisions. There are many benefits to sharing information with the managers. Some important benefits of empowering managers with information are: When information is shared with mangers their .mitment improves, and they are able to give their best for the .pany’s development. They feel they are a part of the team that runs the .pany, and they will do their best to improve the .pany’s performance. Sharing information with managers will help develop lateral thinking, which will help in developing innovative skills of the employees. When information is passed on to the managers, their decision-making skills improve, which improves their decision-making ability. They are aware of the situation and don’t have to approach their superiors with a challenge or problem. The information that you share with the managers will depend on the organisation. Other factors that contribute to the information flow to the managers include the size of the organisation, the .munication network, type of .munication and the requirements of the superiors. There have been instances where superiors are unable to pass the required information to the managers. This gap of passing on the information from the superiors to the managers can be bridged with the help of Business intelligence. Business intelligence involves turning important data into information that can be easily understood by managers. If value is to be added to information, it should be passed on to the manager who has to perform the task. If you want to get the best out of business intelligence solutions you need to analyse what information is required by the managers to make better decisions. You need to understand the vision of the .pany and the role the manager plays in achieving the goals. Once the manager’s role is decided, you need to ensure managers are aware of their powers and responsibility. These responsibilities change with time, so make sure the managers are informed of the changes. For successful implementation of business intelligence, the .pany should make sure that system used is agile and has a short delivery cycle. Another tool that ensures a smooth transition of data is Extract Transform and Load Tool, or ETL. This method of data transfer is particularly useful in .panies that use hand-crafted data. This tool be.es more manageable if the data is centralised and can be accessed by many people at the same time. The success of any tool will depend on the HR data, which the .pany maintains. You need to know the people who are working for the growth of the .pany. Most information about the people working in the .pany is stored in a data warehouse. It is important that .panies have strong internal tools to inform the managers about management decisions. If the managers are well-informed they can make prudent decisions, which will help in the growth of the .pany. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: