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Marketing-Direct Despite the growing prevalence of social media in all aspects of our lives, one area in which a more traditional method is still preferred is email list marketing. As indicated in a recent article on BtoB Online, email remains the chosen method among most marketers for reaching existing business lists and nurturing prospects. The article shares insight from the publications recent survey on how marketers use email for communications, transactional messages and lead generation. In an age when consumer lists are already receiving large amounts of emails from a number of sources, creating targeted emails that connect and engage with individuals on their email lists is a top priority. In doing so, one of the biggest decisions faced by marketers is determining the frequency with which they send emails to their email lists. Sending too often can turn customers away, but customers may abandon a brand and make a buying decision elsewhere if emails are too sparse. Nearly half of all participants (48 percent) indicated they distribute to their email lists once per month or less, focusing on quality over quantity. Others suggested it is more important to keep the database warm, with 19 percent sending to their email lists once per week and 16 percent sending to their email lists every two weeks. In addition to deciding on the frequency of blasting to their email lists, marketers also face challenges in determining who on the email lists will receive an email.. Though 88 percent build their own email lists databases in-house, only 64 percent believe this approach produces the highest ROI. Moreover, many organizations may be unintentionally sending unsolicited emails to individuals on their email lists who didnt opt in, potentially putting the viability of their campaigns at risk. The results of the survey emphasize the importance of an effective plan for email list marketing and highlight where marketers strategies can be improved. Rather than building email lists in-house and facing uncertainty about whether their recipients have opted in or not, marketers can depend on the email lists offered by Lists and List Services Providers like Redi-Data. Redi-Datas Redi-Business Email Append provides marketers with true multi-channel capability, adding permission-based email addresses to current consumer lists or business lists. With exceptional depth of information for business leads also available, including business type, business size and information about key executives, marketers can tailor their communications and pinpoint the best prospects. As email continues to be the most cost-effective marketing outlet available, Redi-Data helps clients to create effective email marketing strategies proven to increase sales and maximize ROI. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: