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Eleven holiday travel home financial strategy: choose the method of worry and money fund exposure Sina Taiwan: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Eleven the upcoming holiday before the holiday, many people began to make arrangements to do idle funds, to achieve "spare cash is not idle, there are also some people began to prepare their own travel plans, ready to travel happily safely buy buy buy". How to arrange to have a worry and money holiday? JINGWAH Times financial weekly reporter interviewed experts. High yield financial products scarce public Zhu recently wanted to find a good home for his idle funds, the bank into a scare – yield financial products have been shouted into the "3 times", more than 4%, to hold a lantern can barely find. But the reporter learned that, although this year the bank financial product yields fell steadily, but the tense day approaching, the recent market short-term funds plus last week, many short-term baby class financial products yields jumped. In addition, many banks have launched a "short-term national product exclusive gimmick, short-term financial returns with tight liquidity in the market rose slightly. Reporters saw at WeChat, Tencent owned a CAITONG China wealth treasure Monetary Fund Monetary Fund from the beginning of last week the annual rate of return of seven will appear to jump up, from the past 2.73% or so, up to the latest 5.3%. The financial sector earnings treasure Monetary Fund also launched a campaign to buy surplus, wallet eleven (before cargo base), enjoy 7 days in the eleven period also doubled revenue, profitability of the financial sector Bao also regularly launch some 60 to 180 days for the product of interest rate activity intensity rate from 0.7% to 0.1%. According to the reporter, as the national financial artifact – the balance of treasure this year’s "National Day holidays" has been released on September 29th (Thursday): as long as the money transferred to the balance of treasure before 15:00, will be able to enjoy the holiday return. This is because the balance of treasure docking monetary fund products are generally not affected by the stock market closed, so it can continue to help investors make money during the holidays. To the current monetary fund’s current level of return, the balance of 100 thousand yuan treasure in just a short period of 9 days there are about $60 in revenue, equivalent to be able to buy a souvenir. It should be noted that, if after September 29th 15:00 to 15:00 before the balance of treasure into the balance of funds in October 10th, it is only from the beginning of the year to enjoy the benefits of the. This is because in accordance with the relevant provisions of second working days after the purchase of monetary fund investors, fund companies to identify and calculate the share of income, and the national day and the weekend is a legal holiday, can not confirm the share, need to be postponed until after the holidays working day. The bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank in the sale of short-term financial products revenue of about 3.3% – 3.7%, than the previous lot of baby category of Internet stock based yields much higher. The Huaxia Bank recently launched the 36 day of the 50 thousand starting point of short-term financial products expected annual yield of up to 3.75%, and the theory of the 63相关的主题文章: