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The eight institutions see Outlook: the stock market return performance after G20 focused on five big risks: Sina App live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament Sina Financial News September 4th Sunday evening news, many agencies published report of the strategy, the following is a summary report: Haitong Securities Jiang Chao: short-term interest rates down blocked capital market opportunities still waiting for short-term economic stabilization, steady rise in inflation. August manufacturing PMI rose to 50.4, a record high of nearly two years, of which demand, production, prices are picked up. August real estate, car sales, power generation coal consumption growth rate was higher, indicating that short-term economic stabilization, but the beginning of the September power coal consumption growth fell sharply, and the capacity to curb real estate bubble in the background of economic downside risk has not disappeared. August CPI is expected to fall to 1.7%, but the recent rebound in seasonal vegetables, plus the PPI continued to rise, forecast in September PPI is expected to end in September or CPI negative growth, rebounded to 2%, the 4 quarter rebound to 2.2% or CPI. Interest rates down blocked, capital markets waiting. Overseas stock market rebound due to the U.S. interest rate hike has been delayed, monetary easing extension. While the domestic economy in August although the short-term stability, but in the promotion of food prices and the rise in the PPI, the 4 quarter inflation pressure on short-term rebound, so the drop quasi monetary policy easing was delayed, which means that short-term interest rates down is blocked, while the capital market still need to wait for the opportunity. CITIC Securities: behind the venture capital placards may be A stock market whether structurally undervalued insurance funds, or other industrial capital (such as Hengda) behind the two secondary market placards, A stock market may be structurally undervalued. Low value is only a condition for revaluation, does not mean that revaluation will occur. Different industries require different catalysts to induce revaluation. Property, retail and other signs of the current revaluation of the value of the industry is not at a historical low valuation, but there is a catalyst for the revaluation of the factors. For real estate, a second tier cities in the land market is a catalyst for the bubble market for retail enterprises, the realization of their own property or capital return channels are more diverse factors of the value of the revaluation of the catalyst. Configuration recommendations: the future of potential debt stocks may be the next place to re evaluate the value of. Here we focus on the industry level in three aspects: first, the potential debt that the bank shares, the industry has already entered the mature period, low valuation, but steady growth is slowing down, but the ROE high dividend rate is low, the future once the payment of dividends or repurchase shares directly enhance the pursuit of stability may quickly attract investors expected return. Second, the two industry concentrated placards insurance funds: real estate and retail, real estate investors concerned about equity financing, less generous dividends, low valuations and resources are mainly concentrated in stocks underestimate the value of a second tier city. Third, the other in the traditional sense of the insurance preferences of high dividend screening (non asset driven). GF Securities: adjust investment ideas to make the difference in the regulation of time in the previous two years, A-share market is a more important way to make money is to earn the expected difference in A". And this year’s policy environment相关的主题文章: