Egypt’s president is calling for a law to deal with illegal immigration actv

The Egyptian president called for solve the problem of illegal immigrants by law in new network on 24 September, Xinhua news agency, Cairo (reporter Zheng Kailun) Egyptian President Cecilia 24 issued a statement called on the Egyptian parliament passed a as soon as possible to control illegal immigration bill previously submitted to the government, solve the problem of illegal immigrants through the law. Cecilia said, he has issued a presidential decree, asked the government to do its utmost to cooperate with the completion of the parliament bill consideration, and asked the security department to take tougher measures against smugglers and traffickers. North of the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt, 21 illegal immigrants sank the ship, as of 24, has caused the death of 164 people. Local officials speculated that the ship was carrying 400 to 600 people at the time of the incident, the destination is likely to be Italy. The cause of the shipwreck may be caused by overloading the ship hull tilt. After the accident, Egypt has detained 6 people involved in trafficking, accusing them of trafficking in people and engaged in illegal immigration activities. Statistical data published shortly before the European border agency, from Egypt via the Mediterranean to sneak into the number of refugees in Italy over the past year a substantial increase from January to September this year, about 12 thousand more than the same period last year, about 5000 people.相关的主题文章: