Duthel Te and curse this is the FK eu freyja

Duthel Te also curse this is the "F**K EU" after scolded Obama, the United Nations and all his dissatisfaction with the people and organizations, the president of Philippines and the EU recently burst foul language, and open the finger. According to British media reports, in the inspection of a military base, Walter spoke, dissatisfaction with the European Parliament accused the executed drug violations of human rights. "The EU is also called me, if I was a mayor also just, but now is a president, why would you rude to me, as if I were your entourage." Since Duthel Te took office in June 30th, against drug traffickers use extreme means, executed without trial suspects, has killed at least 3800 people, led the international community to a previously UN accused, and Obama scolded, but also because of the matter. The European Parliament also issued a statement a few days ago, calling on Philippines to stop the extrajudicial killings suspects, and in the police operations led to the death of a large number of expressed concern". This is also the "get" Duthel Te. In a speech on Tuesday, he responded angrily the statement of the European Parliament, in front of the camera the finger, and burst foul language: fuck you! Editor: white fly相关的主题文章: