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Business — Valve is a kind of essential control equipment for many sectors in China, such as oil, chemistry, power station, shipbuilding, nuclear, low-temperament projects, astronavigation, offshore oil extraction and so on. In recent 20 plus years, the number of valve enterprises in China has reached about 6,000, ranking the first in the world. There are also 900 enterprises whose annual output values exceed RMB 5 million. Today, more than ten varieties of valve products can be produced, such as gate valve, stop valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, safety valve, check valve, throttle, plug valve, reducing valve, diaphragm valve, draining valve, emergency shut valve and so on. The 11th notice of 2008 was issued by National Development and Reform Commission that 351 new standards would be initiated on July 1st, 2008, 253 of which were for machinery industry and 30 for pump and valve industry. Supported by governments policies, valve industry will see an uptrend in 2008 and 2009. It is predicted that total sales of Chinas valve industry will reach RMB 6.736 billion, with export value reaching 2.009 billion USD and import value amounting to 3.632 billion USD. At present, Chinas annual business volume of valve industry reaches about RMB 50 billion, over RMB 10 billion of which is made by foreign valve enterprises. According to the 11th five-year plan, there is a big gap between Chinas valve enterprises and international advanced ones in energy-saving, environment-protection, safety and sustainable strategies. Chinas valve enterprises are characterized with small scale, backward technology and weak competitiveness, which not only reduce the overall level of Chinas valve industry but also hinders its healthy development. Integration and restructuring are inevitable progresses for Chinas valve industry currently. It is only by widely integrating fine assets and rapidly establishing powerful groups that famous brand products can lead the market and demands for mid- and high-end products on Chinas market can be completely met. It is predicted that the total valve demand in China will reach RMB 34.5 billion during the 11th five years. In addition, Chinas valve industry is expected to emphasize on the development of new valve products which serve for such major projects as thermal power, nuclear power, hydroelectric power, oil and natural gas pipelines, coal liquefaction, metallurgy, etc. Meanwhile, valve industry should also focuses on the promotion and application of new techniques, for example, vacuum electron beam welding techniques and cutting and squeezing techniques should be used in developing high-temperature and high-pressure valves and nuclear power valves and integrated welding techniques ought to be applied in producing integrated ball valves with long pipeline and large caliber. Source: China Research and Intelligence If you’d like to copy or quote this article, please keep the source information Get more details, please visit ..shcri../reportdetail.asp?id=305 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: