Development and Reform Commission to respond to the winter Battle Royale 40 billion venture capital ca1816

Development and Reform Commission to respond to the "winter Battle Royale": 40 billion venture capital fund for a year on the road in the winter capital, many entrepreneurs are financing difficulties, tens of thousands of domestic start-up companies forced layoffs, a "winter Battle Royale"; while abroad is a cold: the United States 1/3 technical Unicorn drop altar, the rest of the it is part of a delayed IPO, starts to reduce employee benefits. Many investors say the understanding and choice of their own, some people think it should be dormant, some people think that this is just the rational market, there are people that should be up. So for " venture capital into the winter " this issue, Chinese officials are how to treat it? Today, the NDRC deputy director Lin Nian Xiu responded: from the development trend and the global management point of view, China is in the golden age of entrepreneurship and innovation, fundamental support to China’s long-term management have not changed for the better, management is still in active phase. The future for quite a long period of time, China’s innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples will continue to maintain the good momentum, kinetic energy double innovation engine will continue to release, it will bring a lot of opportunities for the development of venture capital market. He further analyzed the reasons for the judgment: from the point of view of investment scale, the current overall level of China’s venture capital at a high level. According to the statistics of the venture capital industry group, in recent years, China’s venture capital stocks have shown a sustained growth trend. Although the second half of last year, the development of venture capital investment has been slow, part number, new funds raised investment case number index fluctuations, but the first half of this year, investment in capital stock still grew by 5.1%, reached about 410000000000 yuan, considerable. From the point of view of investment, venture capital institutions for emerging industries and new technologies are constantly concerned about. Various types of venture capital institutions for emerging industries and enterprises still remain highly concerned, they continue to favor the start-up companies, while more emphasis on investment business clear, stable growth of profit oriented enterprises. They continue to focus on a number of innovative projects online and offline, while more popular artificial intelligence, virtual reality and other areas of investment in technological innovation projects. From the perspective of the venture capital industry still has strong confidence in the market. According to the current market statistics, more than 90% venture capital institutions believe that the first half of this year, the valuation of venture capital projects become reasonable, 77% venture capital institutions that offer the same amount of money to a higher level of business and more professional and fine services, almost all business investment institutions that have relatively rational investment behavior for the benign development of entrepreneurial ecology, we have consensus on this point. He pointed out that the reason some items are overvalued in previous years because of excessive growth of venture capital investment institutions, few investors on the individual items of value judgment error, but after nearly two years of self repair and adjustment of the market, the current domestic venture capital development is the rational regression. And he believes that from the international experience, relatively rational, moderate venture capital market run more conducive to guide the scientific development of entrepreneurial activity, more conducive to the promotion of entrepreneurial projects in the survival of the fittest, more conducive to enhance the entrepreneurial business.相关的主题文章: