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Daimler was sued   supplier claims; 40 million euros — people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: Daimler was indicted by a supplier claim 40 million Euros according to the European version of the "Automotive News" reported on August 22nd, the Daimler group and supplier Prevent group cooperation contract in dispute, the latter was charged, claims 40 million euros. Prior to this, the Volkswagen Group has also been controversial with the Prevent group, 6 models and some parts production was cut. German media said Daimler group and Prevent group in the car seat on the contract dispute, in 2013 Daimler terminated the contract. At present, Prevent group sued Daimler group and demanded compensation of 40 million euros (about $45 million). A German judge in charge of the case confirmed the incident. Daimler in response to foreign media messages that Prevent group is one of the company’s supplier, but denied the other two suppliers Car Trim and ES Automobilguss (both public providers) have a relationship with the recent production of the Mercedes Benz car. Car Trim and ES Automobilguss is the Volkswagen’s two suppliers, respectively, the production of automotive seats and automotive gear transmission cast iron parts. As the two companies stopped supplying, VW had to adjust its production plans for 6 cars and parts manufacturing plants. Prevent group said that the dispute with the public because the public did not give a reason to unilaterally terminate the contract, but also refused to compensate. Prevent group asked the public to pay 58 million euros (about $65 million) for payment of disputes with Car Trim next year. The dispute is expected to involve up to 500 million euros (about $560 million). Daimler and supplier Prevent group is currently in the trial, although Daimler declined to comment on this, but it believes that there will be no difficulties in the supply side". (internship compilation: Zhang Yanfei reviewer: Liu Yang (Wu Xiaoqin), commissioning editor: Dou Ming)相关的主题文章: