Dad with the strength of the baby with the help of hot mom double eleven crazy brush

"But" Dad live strength with baby freaky double power mad brush lead: Eleven (October 27, 2016, Tianjin) as the "father of a era, with the baby daddy has gradually become a new fashion of modern family life. In October 27th, the domestic well-known brands of children’s clothing to Ann spokesman Jia Nailiang held in Tianjin to "rent father" as the theme of the global live events. Ann to spokesperson Jia Nailiang "rental is the father of global   live; live from the perspective of" the concept of star family life "," fashion is not only by "father Jia Nailiang to play the leading role, also invited guest star" Arale "Cui Yahan, Li Nuoqi, and produced by line interactive activities to the lucky fans to join the princess. In the "father" of the company, small stars and fans together in the home of "Kuso fashion show", "family dinner" and a series of interactive activities, vivid interpretation of "Daddy with baby" charm, reflects the ANN as a well-known children’s clothing brand in the emphasis on parent-child relationship maintenance and diligently efforts and the development of. Is the father with a baby "by netizens Repeng   Daddy" is the "trendy fashion buzz dad funny than with the baby live joy constantly   previously, ANN in the micro-blog platform launched" is the father with a baby, hot mom mad brush "interactive topic, invite friends to share the story with the baby daddy daddy, enthusiastic response milf, neat and adorable baby daddy share between home everyday things. With the topic of heat, Ann homeopathic "rent is the father of global live events fans recruitment activities, encourage users to participate in the" rental is the father of public auction, the auction winner can get global live opportunities and fashion "is the" father of Jia Nailiang together, the auction proceeds will be donated to the full amount of the children’s Hospital at the angel of Beijing. The auction activities of the enthusiasm of the majority of users support, a time to let father "of the world live in the long-awaited activities have become the focus of attention of netizens. Adorable doll downtown is the father at the same time, the enthusiasm of the fans in the "red rain" in a "rental the father" global live events "is the" Dad tease than with baby   live joy constantly "is the" Dad identity and Ann appeared together Tmall double eleven Festival   live event, "but" Dad Jia Nailiang first introduced earlier by the auction to recruit small fans "Princess" appearance, opened the prelude to Ann "rental is the father of global live events. Subsequently, "Daddy where the 4 lovely" sensible "Arale" Cui Yahan and "expression Emperor Li Nuoqi Qi Qi Liangxiang, a big surprise live, and get the" greeting is "father and princess passion. Then, in the "three small adorable baby is" Dad led quickly warm up together, went to the room’s closet, and "but" Dad, five shooting clothing collocation spoof funny, happy and warm atmosphere quickly infected with the entire live. Meng baby trouble is dad at the same time, the enthusiasm of the fans in the red rain set off the rental is Dad interactive audience climax of the world’s live events. At the end of the event, "yes" Dad Jia Nailiang to share the audience live.相关的主题文章: