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The current price of pork has been in the pig cycle decline stage Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! A development and Reform Commission said in April that the current hog prices run high with the recovery and compensation. Is expected in the next period of time may high hog prices stabilize, but rising space is limited. The NDRC issued a document called, because pigs and sows is still relatively low, expected this year the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day hog prices will remain high. At the same time, by the summer consumer demand in the off-season, feed and other farming costs decline, the impact of other consumer goods prices fell or remained stable, hog prices continue to rise significantly less likely. NDRC said, is expected in September after easing of supply and demand, after the Spring Festival next year will enter a new round of adjustment stage. Therefore, the farm households to further improve risk awareness, rational judgment of future trend in hog prices, reasonable arrangement of Bulan, and slaughter time forward. NDRC said, after the Spring Festival this year, hog prices did not fall but rise, continued to run high, this is the pig farming industry experienced the periodic adjustment of a few years ago, with the recovery and compensation. In the last round of pig cycle, hog prices fell over a long period of time, the pig industry in the long-term profit or loss, resulting in March last year, hog prices into the rising channel, part of the farm households Bulan enthusiasm is not high, Bulan slow, coupled with some local implementation of the ban on raising pigs or limited support, hog production capacity is low. This is the main reason for the high price of live pigs. In addition, the hot summer weather in September last year after the sows farrowing rate declined for 4 consecutive months, most of the country last winter low temperature cold wave leads to decline of piglet survival rate, also affect the short-term market supply of live pigs after the Spring Festival this year, the price does not fall. Pork in pig cycle down stage? Environmental hinder capacity recovery since the beginning of September the industry generally bullish outlook for pork, but also that the bullish pork price rose up to the overall probability is not high on the basis. A modest rebound has become more recognized industry argument, so the shortage of supply in the years, why the market outlook hog price rally to a moderate rebound rally space? In fact, this view is the current pork price has been in the pig cycle decline phase, but capacity recovery process is slow, prolonged high pork price run length and later led to the decline of speed is slow. This year, small retail investors in the delisting, repair and wait and see stage, while the scale of breeding enterprises although there are expansion of the layout, but the need for a cycle. With more and more strict environmental protection efforts, resulting in the majority of aquaculture production area showed limited support, the ban, and this process is a nationwide, re layout of the region result in pig herds recovery rate subject to certain obstacles. Mid Autumn Festival good gather, slaughter enterprises to keep the prices down, slaughter batch high profit? At present near the mid autumn season, demand will gradually increase, coupled with the back of a national day then file, it can be said that the impact of demand side constraints is gradually reduced at least. And as the weather turns cold, big pig相关的主题文章: