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UnCategorized Did you know your first Energy Point can be found in your body at the base of your spine? This is the area where you house all of your ‘security’ energy. It is literally about being supported in life. So it makes sense that this will pop up when building a business, right? The irony is that especially when it comes to building business so many entrepreneurs turn to the outside to determine whether they are strong and secure enough to be successful. You look around to see how your family is treating you (do they believe in my ability to succeed at this self-employed thing?) or what your material possessions look like (how much is in my bank account? What kind of office do I have?), and then you place a judgment on yourself that usually has to do with lack: My business is NOT successful; I ONLY have this much; I am NOT O.K. Your body and environment will physically reveal your TRUE relationship with success and security. So, it’s helpful to check in with yourself: do you experience any type of lower back or leg pain? And then look at your environment: Are you surrounded by chaos and clutter? Are you denying the use of your office area as a sacred business space? Are you creating balance in your business or just keeping "busy"? If you are experiencing any pain in your back and leg area, this is your body (and the Universe, by the way) speaking to you, directing you, nudging you to give some attention to your relationship with success. For example, you may be being called to speak your mind to a family member (Hey, I believe I can build this business, do you?), business partner, or client. It’s really important for a conversation like this to happen so you are free to move forward and beyond the struggle-energy you are in now. Otherwise you will continue to experience the pain AND the situation that is causing your suc cess-energy distress. If you’re environment is suffering and driving you crazy this is a nudge from the Universe, too. The spiritual side of you knows that safety and security are always available and the divine actions to take will always be shown to you. The ego side doesn’t believe it for a second and goes into a whirlwind of busy-activity to try to prove that you’re "making this happen". The trouble is in the cycle that then gets created between "I want", "I deserve" and "I feel scared" and "I’m never going to make it ." The thing about a cycle is that it will hold it’s pattern unless you do something differently to break it. Now, I can tell you over and over that these are only feelings and aren’t "real", but what it comes down to is what you are willing to DO to shift these thoughts, to activate a different energy in order to be the master of your business – your life. So how do you start? When you do feel that nudge (or more) in your lower back and/or legs, or you take a look around and feel frustrated with your desk and/or office space take a deep breath in and ask yourself, "How can I do this differently?" and "What do I need to heal?" Let the answer come to you. You’ll be surprised. If you doubt this will make any difference, try it for one week – EVERY time. You see the keys to managing your energy are really so simple, but most entrepreneurs doubt it works. So you stay with what you’ve always done because, well, that’s what you’ve always done or because someone said something to you at some point about what to believe in terms of your ability to create our own security. You took their word for it and never looked back. But unless things are hunky-dory in this area, your energy is speaking to you and will continue to do so whether you directly listen to it or not. I know it sounds counterintu itive, but your habits work to create a false sense of security – and these buggers will really show themselves when a person starts building business (I always say, want a fast track to personal growth? Start a business!) Old habits see change as a threat, but your life-force energy wants you to soar and succeed and will nudge you until you do – which is why you feel the discomfort, frustration or pain. You can’t create something new out of the old way. Isn’t it time you started listening? Your Call To Action Take one week to really pay attention to what your body and your environment are saying to you. Rather than searching outward for validation of your success ask yourself, "How can I do this differently?" and "What do I need to heal?" About the Author: 相关的主题文章: