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Create China made great live work "new name card" will be unveiled at the Shanghai International Exhibition Construction Industry – market dynamics – Shanghai Locke network? Locke Sina News (editor Nie Shupeng) both in the government work report in March this year, and in September 14th the State Council executive meeting held on, are put forward to develop the assembly building, the means that the development of prefabricated buildings have been identified up to the national strategic level. With the rapid development of urbanization, the demand for assembly building is increasing. A Shanghai international building industrialization at home and abroad focus industry elite and guide the future development of the industry and advanced building technology exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai International Construction Industry Exhibition") has aroused widespread concern!?? November 13th to 15, the system of "diversification, standardization, construction decoration integration" as the theme of the Shanghai international building the exhibition will be held in the grand industrialization of Shanghai New International Expo center. Then, 20 years of painstaking work lofty Residential Industry Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: ambitious workers live) development will bring its roots in the field of construction industrialization, has to compose a grand blueprint for the future development of construction industrialization. ?? The industry elite gathered in the exhibition ambitious workers live and seek common development?? it is understood that the Shanghai international architecture exhibition is industrialized industrialized building industry in China is the most representative and influential exhibition, exhibition building is also home to complete the whole industry chain event. Each year, the world’s nearly a hundred foreign exhibitors, with tens of thousands of professional visitors from dozens of countries and regions, and the exhibition planning exhibition area is as high as 12000 square meters. ?? As the important participants of this exhibition, lofty living workers (booth: N2A01) in addition to the development of the industrialization of construction work to display the results of 20 years, will also focus on promoting resource sharing, cooperation and win-win "Grand Union" plan, hope and industry partners together to create a "Chinese made 2025". In addition, Tang Fen, President of Yuanda Group will also show the exhibition forum for the exhibition to do a wonderful keynote speech. In fact, as early as 1996, great living workers have started to explore the construction of industrialization. Has accumulated 20 years of development, has become a lofty living workers fully deserve the vanguard and the national construction industry leader. However, the problem of building industrialization is that the proportion of assembly building in the construction industry is less than 1%. It is a challenge and an opportunity to promote the construction of the assembly of the lofty living. So at the end of 2015, ambitious live workers to make a major strategic transformation, put forward to promote cooperation and win-win "ambitious joint industrial cooperation plan". ?? The "Grand Union" plan since the end of last year, the first cooperation so far, just a short time has successfully landed 40 City, the basic realization of the strategic layout of national key city. Currently, the lofty living in the world with 50 PC plants, more joint factories and overseas factories are preparing, is expected in 2018 will achieve a capacity of 100 million square meters. ?? Broad united national strategic layout?? the industry is expected, with the supply side reform and the "The Belt and Road"!相关的主题文章: