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Hair-Loss Previously, hair loss was only limited to men and hence it wasn’t given much attention. Though now this problem has taken route towards women as well. Baldness in women is a creepy problem and obviously is not wel.e. Therefore it is important to start looking for solutions as soon as you get any clue that your hair are thinning or weak. The harmful sugars and fatty food that you take are responsible for weaker hair and should be controlled if you want your hair to regain their strength and lush. So you need to take proper care of your diet to make hair strong and shiny. Hair fall remedies also help in regaining the strength. Most people think that there is no link between diet and hair growth and that hair only need oiling and a nice wash for proper growth. This is a misconception and should be duly noted. They say ‘You are what you eat’. And it is for a reason. Diet controls the freshness and the blood flow in the body parts. The healthier the diet, healthier would be the state of our cells and they would grow faster. On the other hand if we do not take care of our diet and keep ourselves alive on junk food and unhygienic items, it will only worsen our internal body parts and affect the look of our hair. If the blood cells do not get proper nourishment, they will not be able to provide the required nutrients to the hair follicles and hence hair will wither like plants without water and minerals. Proper food intake plays a big part in keeping hair healthy so fresh and hygienic food should be eaten to help the growth of hair. One of the main causes of hair loss is the excess of chlorine in our water. Too much chemicals are never good for hair and this excessive amount of chlorine in city water does have pretty adverse effects of fast growing shiny hair and makes them thin and weak. This weakening of hair leads to breakages and shredding. This can eventually lead to permanent hair loss if the chlorine water keeps its access to hair. Shower filters must be used in order to ensure that the water that touches your hair is chemical free and will not weaken its roots. Precautionary measures must be taken seriously to avoid the rupture of hair tips and broken follicles. Shampoos also happen to have adverse effects sometimes. Since these are also chemical products, sometimes, a shampoo might contain certain chemicals which suit one person’s hair but may ruin another one’s. People sometimes ruin their hair by experimenting on their hair with various shampoos to see the difference. If the shampoo that you are using is fine for your hair, do not keep trying others as using several items with small time difference will only ruin your hair. Therefore go for a medicated hair loss solution to avoid any hair loss. In the meantime go in for a product like Rapid hair fiber that keeps the bald areas hidden from the naked eye. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: