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The stage of compulsory education from private profit Changsha new regulations on the impact of "Private Education Promotion Law" amendment passed not to set up compulsory education for-profit schools (original title: on the future of private schools, tuition fees will drop it) "held in private schools can choose to set up a non-profit or for-profit private schools. However, it is not allowed to set up for-profit private schools for compulsory education." The 7 day, the Twelfth National People’s Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-fourth session of the "decision on Amending the" revised, private education promotion law to allow establishment of for-profit private schools, but in the stage of compulsory education from "private profit". 2016, is a rapid development of private primary and secondary schools in Changsha. New regulations on the development of private education in Changsha will have any impact? Changsha private schools, educators and parents how to look at this? Changsha is not a for-profit private primary and secondary schools as of the end of last year, Changsha has a total of 1899 private schools at all levels, accounting for more than 60% of the total number of school students in more than 27 people, accounting for about 14 of the students. In Changsha, private education has become an integral part of education. At present, Changsha has a total of 34 primary and junior high school enrollment of private schools, of which there are 15 urban. Private school enrollment in 2016 has Changsha city Yuelu District bocay peasen school, Changsha Yuelu District County schools, Changsha in dimension Peicui, 3 schools, and approved the establishment of Hunan Normal University Affiliated Middle School, Gaoping experimental high school, Changsha Ming Zhao Changsha Peiyuan experimental school and Changsha Guangsheng experimental middle school 4 private schools. It is understood that Changsha has approved the establishment of private compulsory education schools, no one is for-profit, even the relatively high tuition of private primary and secondary schools is not profitable. Choose private schools registered as a non-profit or give up private education business of compulsory education revised Promotion Law: private schools organize can choose to set up nonprofit or for-profit private schools. At the same time, the non-profit private schools are not allowed to obtain the proceeds of the school, school balances are used for school. The profits of a school run by a non-profit private school may be obtained, and the surplus of the school shall be handled in accordance with the relevant laws and administrative regulations of the company law. "We put our money and energy, and we hope to get the appropriate return. But before the nonprofit limitations so that we have to think of ways of playing the "edge ball". Now give the private schools’ business’ legal status, not only helps to eliminate regulatory vacuum, so we don’t bother trying to hide, can be dedicated to provide service for students." A children’s English training institutions responsible person told reporters. The current private primary and secondary schools, in accordance with the new regulations for the registration of non-profit private schools, or give up the compulsory education phase of the business? Some private schools seem easy choice. Hunan County Peiyuan experimental school, a new start from kindergarten to high school fifteen years of school, the school principal Wang Jianlin said, will be firmly "non-profit private schools" road, "investors a clear attitude, if you want to make a lot of money, not through education and education." But there are also private school principals相关的主题文章: