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"Amorous" on the big plane, the sky will travel to the Sohu anti Wolf – this time, the surprise also gradually subsided, Sichuan Pudang president, the Republicans in the Senate also accounted for the majority. But some things can’t just let it go! Some time ago Trump exposed the insult women recording, then there are 5 women to "New York Times" detailing their experiences of sexual assault by Trump. Jessica Jessica (Leeds) is one of them, she was 38 years old, when she was a businesswoman, flew to New York on a business trip, in the first class, Trump sat next to her. After taking a seat, Trump lifted the armrest, started scratching her chest, "said Liz of the" New York Times "when he was in the portrait of octopus, everywhere I touch". Finally, the unbearable Liz fled to the rear of the plane. More air assault than you think! Liz’s experience is not uncommon, data show that as of August 2016, FBI received a total of 38 cases this year, similar cases. This figure does not include the local police received the case, the real data will be much higher than 38. The officer on the flight of sexual harassment of female students in Japan in March this year, a U.S. Navy officer in Kanagawa of Japan Atsugi base assault in a plane from the United States of San Diego on a flight to Tokyo and beat a Japanese female students. The officer repeatedly touched each other’s thigh and hit his head, the whole process lasted 90 minutes. Nanjing female students on the eastern side of the sexual harassment of foreign men recently, the country also has a similar event. When a female student returns to Nanjing on an international air flight to the East, a man wearing a traditional dress in India plays a video of her with a cell phone and makes a gesture of sex. Allegedly, when she asked for help to the crew, the crew did not do any processing, did not promptly notify the ground investigation. After the alarm, the man has left china. Airlines have to deal with harassment training usually, the airline will be as much as possible to separate the seats of the people involved, the farther the better. "If things have come to a dangerous situation, the pilot will change course to land at another airport," said Feinstein Ross, a spokesman for Ross. When necessary, the crew can get in touch with the ground, landing is handed over to the local government investigation. The solution looks perfect, but it’s not the case. First of all, the position adjustment is very cautious, in case of the plane and no one is willing to exchange the position with the victim, the situation is very embarrassing. As to inform the relevant departments of the ground, and sometimes can not do two words immediately. As previously in Nanjing in the eastern girl encounters on the plane, because of a failure, China Eastern Airlines flight attendants can only take turns patrolling the way pay close attention to the matter, and can provide help to the passengers said. The party said in an interview, although she asked the crew to inform the ground staff, but the flight attendants did not do so. The man was successfully transferred to the aircraft after landing.相关的主题文章: