China’s most complex extradition case lasted 8 years, Professor of Beijing Normal University to test oembios.bin

The most complex Chinese extradition case lasted 8 years: Beijing Normal University professor to testify the first news – Sohu G20 anti-corruption Research Center yesterday in the pursuit ZhuiZang Beijing Normal University inaugurated Huang Haiyong suspect in an arrest warrant signed by Legal Evening News (reporter Zhang Enjie) yesterday, the first research center for the group of twenty Nations Anti-corruption pursuit ZhuiZang established at Beijing Normal University. Yesterday morning, Zhao Hongzhu, deputy secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, attended the opening ceremony of the research center. It is reported that the center will through the research, academic research and training in various forms to carry out the work, to create a communication platform for the group of twenty nations to carry out anti-corruption cooperation pursuit ZhuiZang, promote the establishment of international anti-corruption new order to pursuit ZhuiZang pragmatic cooperation as content. Late (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter learned that, in addition to the expert of Beijing Normal University, the research team also includes the Commission, the supreme, Supreme Procuratorate and other units with research expertise, anti-corruption experts familiar with anti-corruption pursuit ZhuiZang affairs. The Commission and other experts attended yesterday’s opening ceremony as the center member of Beijing Normal University international anti-corruption education research center of the secretary general, researcher Peng Xinlin, he told the Legal Evening News "reporter, G20 anti-corruption research center to pursuit ZhuiZang established in China, is established in our country in recent years to carry out the anti-corruption struggle, attaches great importance to on pragmatic cooperation, international anti-corruption anti-corruption pursuit ZhuiZang has achieved remarkable results in the foundation. Of course, this also with members of the G20 on China’s anti-corruption cooperation initiative pursuit ZhuiZang is widely recognized, understood, and important status and influence in China to carry out international cooperation in anti-corruption action, our country in the international anti-corruption field is closely related to the. It is understood that the research center is the first one for the members of the G20 research pursuit ZhuiZang anti-corruption department, before the corresponding mechanism has not been established in other countries. "The choice of the establishment of such a Research Institute at the Beijing Normal University, because Beijing Normal University has a strong research focus on anti-corruption of international fugitives stolen goods, with more professional scholars, but also cultivate doctoral and postdoctoral, many international criminal law and other fields, there are more concentrated on the study of international anti-corruption pursuit ZhuiZang problem." Peng Xinlin explains. According to its introduction, the research center expert member of both the North Normal University have expertise in anti-corruption pursuit ZhuiZang research scholars, also the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the people’s Bank of Chinese, Ministry of justice, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of foreign affairs and local judicial organs with research expertise, familiar with anti anti-corruption corruption affairs experts in pursuit of stolen goods. In addition, the center will attract overseas experts in G20 countries. To immigration officers involved in corruption will become the focus of research method of late (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter noted that the former G20 Hangzhou summit "of the group of twenty senior anti-corruption principles" in pursuit of stolen goods, "noted flight personnel and assets of the damage caused by corruption, the country should take measures to become corrupt Jay相关的主题文章: