China TAHAL with 36 billion 600 million industrial capital — real estate — asked Qin diamondprox

China TAHAL with 36 billion 600 million industrial capital — real estate — asked Qingcheng (Note: This article belongs to published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.) August 25, 2016, China Thailand group and the Dujiangyan municipal government, Qingchengshan international tourism resort project signing ceremony held in Chengdu. Chengdu City Vice Mayor Fu Yonglin, China TAHAL group chairman of the board of directors Wang Renguo, Party Secretary of Dujiangyan Zhang Yusong Wang Jingwei, assistant dean of Tsinghua Wudaokou Institute of finance, deputy secretary of Dujiangyan Municipal Committee, mayor He Weikai and the Dujiangyan municipal government departments responsible person, chairman of the Israeli Consul General in Chengdu Lan Tianming, CIC resucerial, Sinovel, Beijing blue science and technology silver letter, long-term technology, Huashenjituan, Kay Reed holdings and other domestic central enterprises, listed companies, well-known investment institutions, Sichuan TAHAL group in charge of relevant departments and media representatives attended the event. Wang Renguo, chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese Thai group and the Dujiangyan Municipal Committee, deputy mayor of the mayor of on behalf of the two sides signed the "Qingchengshan international tourism resort cooperation agreement". The signing of the cooperation agreement, marking the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry in Dujiangyan core driven project officially landed. Since then, Chinese TAHAL group will be hundreds of billions of industrial capital, play experience and advantage in cultural tourism, health industry and other fields, in accordance with the development concept of "ecological, green and sharing", continue to promote to create the cultural landscape as the theme of "green city" international ecological health care resort provides an important mode of life, support to support the construction of Chengdu international tourism destination city and National Center city. Chinese TAHAL group was founded in 2002, after 14 years of extraordinary industrial operation and capital operation and development, has formed a "financial prominent main business, big health, education, cultural tourism, real estate and other related industries, the coordinated development of the industrial layout, for four consecutive years was named the top 500 private enterprises China. Group headquartered in Hongkong, and in Europe, Africa, China, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other places to set up branch offices. The signing of the Dujiangyan international tourism resort project with the government of Qingchengshan, is a Sino Thai Group in the domestic landing another "hundreds of billions of" major cultural tourism projects. At the signing ceremony, Zhang Yusong, Secretary of the Dujiangyan Municipal Committee and chairman of the board of directors of China Tai Group, respectively, respectively, the speech of the president of the board of directors of the board of directors of the board of directors of China and Thailand, respectively, the. Dujiangyan municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Yusong is full of confidence, the Qingchengshan international tourism resort project in his speech, he said, and the China TAHAL group of successful cooperation, Dujiangyan is focusing on Chengdu to build a world tourist destination, tourism and leisure resort location according to the function, and a major tourism projects attract landing, Qingchengshan international tourism resort project. The use of the natural ecological environment along the Qingchengshan mountain area the best, with the original ecology of the natural landscape and cultural features, to create "flies and the sunset of modern Chinese painting style version Chinese pastoral beauty sky", a set of ecological land, pastoral landscape cultural theme of sports and health, the international top luxury The Inn Boutique Xiang in one, with world-class Wanda cultural tourism city based on entertainment in the tourism industry on the formation of complementary advantages. The board of directors of China Tai Group相关的主题文章: