China Paralympic delegation 2 day cut 20 gold pool Chinese blowing wind (video)

China Paralympic delegation 2 day cut 20 gold pool China wind blowing over [Abstract] second days after the game, China with 20 gold and 17 silver and 12 bronze medals in a total of 49 medals table. Chinese Teams in weightlifting, swimming, shooting and other projects, there are gold medals. The Rio Olympic and Paralympic medals at Bach behind the Rio Olympic Games are held in Rio De Janeiro at present, the Brazil Paralympic Games, Chinese Teams continues to lead the medal. After the end of the second game, China to 20 gold and 17 silver and a total of 12 bronze medals ranked first in the medal standings in the top 49. Chinese Teams in weightlifting, swimming, shooting and other projects, there are gold medals. Won a record breaking up "China wind pool" Paralympic swimming competition for a total of 16 finals, the end of the game, players China Phi gold Zhaiyin, especially men, not only a number of players swept the championship, also broke the world record for multiple projects. The men’s 100 meter backstroke S2 games, China team has three players in the final, Zou Liankang, Liu Benying and Yang Yangsan respectively in the third, fourth and sixth. After the start of the game, located in the third Zou Liankang will show a leading edge, and the greater the advantage. Zou Liankang began swimming career in the last year for the first time to participate in the National Paralympic gold medal of achievement in 6 years ago, now for the first time on the Olympic Games, Zou Liankang leading the way, not only the final easily won by 1 points in 45. 25 seconds to break the world record, team mate Liu Benying second harvest, Yang Yang column fourth. The men’s 50 meter freestyle S7 class competition staged overtaking drama, located in the seventh Lane Pan Shiyun and sixth Chinese players from Ukraine’s fierce competition, Pan Shiyun has been behind the opponent in the first half, the second half of his sprint, the final 27 seconds 35, also broke the world record score to win, after four years ago the Paralympic Games in London, Pan Shiyun again in the Paralympic Games to realize their dream of gold. The men’s 50 meters butterfly is in the pool in a China cyclone, the sixth lane is located in the famous Xu Qing with two teammates broke into the finals, into the water after the three China player has established a leading position, Xu Qinghe Zheng Tao go hand in hand, are equally the wall in the last moments of the brothers, Xu Qing in the final 0.04 seconds beat his teammates to win, the result is 29 seconds 89, will own the project in 2012 to create the world record by 0.01 seconds. The bike arena CP players and "single leg Knight" Rio, Liang Guihua Lee and C2 Zhangyu athletes Chinese cycling team C1 athletes participated in the men’s individual pursuit of the gold war. One is the most severe cerebral palsy players, one is a single leg victory over the legs with opponents, their wonderful performance won the audience’s most enthusiastic cheers and applause. This project consists of two types of cerebral palsy and amputee athletes, according to their level of disability severity to light is divided into five levels from C1 to C5. Bicycle C1 men’s individual pursuit champion Li Zhangyu is a member of C2 and cerebral palsy, bicycle men’s individual pursuit champion Liang Guihua the entire leg was amputated, it is hard to imagine one leg riding along in the track is how to keep.相关的主题文章: