Chencang road Shaanxi Flavor Restaurant

Chencang road Shaanxi road Shaanxi restaurant Chencang flavor Museum, is a historical and cultural connotation of the name, shop in Lin Yue Road women’s park beside the tire shop in some locations, the main Shaanxi flavor delicacy, authentic, so also can enjoy the delicacy in the distant northwest southeast of Xiamen China diners. Chen Bin is now Baoji city in Shaanxi Province, linking Hanzhoung and Guanzhong, has a long history and culture, from Three Emperors and Five Sovereigns myth to the Warring States, Qin Zhou’s birthplace, to the Han Emperor Liu Bang hesitate to three Zhu Geliang advance secretly by an unknown path, six Qishan, eight hundred in Qinchuan is a battleground thousands of years, since ancient times, Hanzhoung was the world’s argument. In this piece of land with a thick history and culture, as a part of the culture of food, natural is unique, as the history and food lovers, how can we do a good taste. Small shop area, but also bright and clean, there are two floors, decorated with some of the northwest style decoration, dining environment is also good. The first drink cans from Baoji beverage Bingfeng, this is the people of Baoji for decades from large to drink beverages, with the Northwest with special delicacy. The next dish dish taste, mix fragrant, refreshing taste, I especially love the gluten, good taste, taste of foot. Steamed mutton, this is Shaanxi’s famous delicacy, but in Xiamen it is rare, give two loaves to diners, diners his patience to pinch into small pieces of bread, the smaller the better pinch, and then handed over to the store, the store kitchen pour boiling mutton soup, plus a lamb. Bowl of fragrant warm Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup was completed with Pickled Sweet Garlic, coriander, pepper and other spices together to eat bread, absorb the soup is very soft, rich soup is delicious, was a well deserved reputation. Mutton soup must be boiled for more than a day to complete, the store is usually every Friday stew, so this Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup only on Sunday and Monday to eat oh. Spiced boneless meat, the cattle leg part of the meat, a cow only two of the meat, the meat is tender, marbled and gluten, taste great. Qishan minced noodles, Shaanxi pasta, Qishan minced noodles is one of the most popular noodle, smooth Q bomb ingredients rich soup with a dozen spices carefully brewed, acid flavor delicious, even with a bowl of soup eaten, very satisfied. Chinese Hamburger bread, flexible chewy, thick meat clip gouwei, genuine, cuddly. Shaanxi Shaanxi Youpo Youpo surface, spinach noodles, noodles to eat a wide variety of side dishes taste, riotous with colour and fragrant oil, pepper, mix can eat, eat the sob snoring, hooked. Haggis soup, there are a lot of haggis soup, rich soup spoon, not stop completely. The flavor of tofu curd, remember a while ago had a tofu curd should be sweet or salty debate, I think as long as delicious sweet and salty. Ah, this bowl of tofu curd is salty, smooth and exquisite taste, salty or spicy delicious. Glutinous rice soup, sweet soup with glutinous, sour and sweet, sweet in the end of this people. Ideological history, Fugue northwest lunch.相关的主题文章: