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Chen Sisi "intimate partner" hit "super love with a sense of" the Sohu Sohu Chen Sisi entertainment entertainment news recently, starring Chen Sisi, Lin Shen, Zhang Wen, et al. The light of urban drama "intimate partner" is Hubei TV hit, since the broadcast with relaxed rhythm, the story of ups and Downs harvest a lot of drama fan. The young actor Chen Sisi’s performance is very brisk, a weird Miss interpretation of the lively and lovely, by the netizen called "super sensitive". Chen Sisi’s careless chase love remember Chen Sisi as the rich girl Susan every day, often talk about is, "I’m going to marry my brother Tianyu, I want to make a beautiful mask." It was netizen called "girls". The play, Chen Sisi so described the characters: "just is a silly white sweet, but she is very cute" wants to marry her prince charming Susan, tracking, sick, spoiled no, only to win a smile, however, played by Lin Shen Tian Yu, but it happens to love others, to get Susan dumbfounding, distressed, netizens shouted, said: "playing, we love you." The play is with fan friends address him: "Adorable" according to actor Chen Sisi himself said, "when the" big miss, is also looking for the characters, shorts, shorts, high heels and makeup, walking with the wind. "Yiyanbuge show catwalk, actors with super sense", the netizen evaluation to. "You are so adorable with feeling, is really on you", is by virtue of such a proud character, but once appeared to attract everyone’s love, Chen Sisi amused response: "she is a beloved or small lift, but please find her lovely side, you don’t abandon her!" Such a lovely role was Chen Sisi’s penetrating interpretation.   相关的主题文章: