Chen Qiufan, a science fiction writer science fiction is a literary form of coping with anxiety super bass

The science fiction writer Chen Qiufan: science fiction is coping with anxiety and the birth of the literary form of famous science fiction writer Chen Qiufan Sina Francisco September 13th afternoon, sponsored by Sina Technology theme "future state" of the second session of the C+ summit this morning, Sina officially opened in Beijing Jinmao Risorgimento Hotel. The famous science fiction writer Chen Qiufan tells the history of science fiction, along with the development of science and technology, science fiction has constantly expanding trend of differentiation on the inside, it was dealing with signs of generating in the rapid development of science and technology in the space of the problem. "Science fiction" is a kind of literature form to deal with this kind of anxiety." Chen Qiufan said. For the above symptoms, Chen Qiufan summed up as the following, one is from the impact of technology, so many sensitive people will feel uneasy, this unease changes from the science and technology changes and cognitive style; the two is from the amount of information impact, how to select the beneficial ingredients is a great challenge. What’s the use of reading science fiction? Writing science fiction and what is the use? In Chen Qiufan’s view, science fiction writers can do the role of a language, followed by science fiction may be a kind of prevention, the last function is that it is the transmission of values, the ideological preaching tools. This is a very rapid technological explosion era, we are faced with artificial intelligence, robotics, nanotechnology, genetic programming, quantum physics, etc.. In Chen Qiufan’s view, what we need most is through the power of science fiction to extract a new story, so that more people can see a different future, regardless of the future is good, or dark. (Xu Li) the following is the speech by Chen Qiufan: Good afternoon, I have two identity, an identity is an VR company Nuoyiteng partner. Today, our theme is to pay tribute to the future, so I am the identity of the science fiction writer. Just my brother Zhang Xiangdong they said a lot of dry cargo, what I have to say some wet things and rare things, trying to go to the toilet. Today, our theme is the future, I want to talk about history, about science fiction history and the history of science and technology, science and technology to talk about the history of the relationship between science and technology. Because there is a word called, if you grasp the past you will grasp the future. This sentence from "1984". When we talk about science fiction, a lot of people don’t have a clear idea in mind, what is science fiction? Even the people in the study of science fiction, science fiction writers even in science fiction readers have a lot of controversy, as recently Hao Jingfang’s "Beijing folding" won the Hugo prize, I saw much debate on the Internet, "Beijing" on the folding of this novel is not science fiction. We look at the history of science fiction, if it as an organism, it may be a case of amoeba. There are so many words, each print is a genre masterpiece, with representatives of writers and columns in the Ming dynasty. We can see that its origin is the origin of the enlightenment and romanticism, the enlightenment brought the spirit of science, the spirit of humanity, romanticism brought a type of literature. So, we are now.相关的主题文章: