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Chen Man was released from prison: innocence is what I deserve the entrepreneurial social returns – Sohu news just came out from prison Chen Man, feeling excited face. He has served in the Hainan Meilan prison for more than 20 years, lawyer Wang Wanqiong said, if not the retrial, Chen man may have to wait until 2018 was released from prison. The morning of February 1st, the Zhejiang provincial high court sentenced Chen in Meilan prison full of innocence. About 10:30, Chen Man appeals attorney, Mr. Yi out of prison, he said in an interview, after the verdict, Chen Man apologized to the Hainan Provincial High Court vice president. Chen Man said, "Never mind" "the understanding of the judicial environment". Soon, completing the release procedures of Chen Man also accompanied by his family out of prison, he will give parents a call, "let them calm, take care the body". Chen Man’s parents are over eight years old, not come to the scene. Chen Man said in an interview: "after more than 20 years of suffering, they are constantly adjusted, see a lot of books, draw strength from the book, a lot of people continue to support me and help me, give me the strength. I really was an innocent person, so I have to be strong, (innocence) is what I should get." Meilan in the gate of the prison, a friend of Chen Man said the spot will support his business. Chen man said: "business is bound to the. But the business purpose is not to want to earn much money. But to return to society, return the care and help my people." At first, Chen Man from Sichuan to Hainan thousands of miles away is to start a business, but in a miscarriage of justice. Chen Man also said that the application for state compensation will be in accordance with the provisions of the state, "this is my legal right". The media after the interview, Chen man to Meilan Airport for a temporary ID card, he will return to Chengdu tonight, tomorrow will be back after more than 20 years hometown – Sichuan Mianzhu.

陈满出狱:清白是我应得的东西 将创业回报社会-搜狐新闻  刚刚从监狱里走出来的陈满,脸上难掩兴奋之情。他已经在海南美兰监狱服刑二十多年,律师王万琼说,如果不是再审改判,陈满可能要到2018年才能出狱。   2月1日上午,浙江省高院在美兰监狱宣判陈满无罪。10点30分左右,陈满的申诉代理律师易延友走出监狱,他在接受媒体采访时说,宣判后,海南省高院副院长向陈满道歉。陈满则表示“没有关系”,“理解当时的司法环境”。   不久,办理完释放手续的陈满也在家人陪伴下走出监狱,他先给父母打了个电话,“让他们平静一点,保重身体”。陈满父母均已年逾八旬,不能来到现场。   陈满在接受媒体采访时说:“经历二十多年的磨难,自己也在不断调整,看了很多书,从书中吸取力量,很多人不断支持我帮助我,也给我无穷的力量。我真真切切是个清白的人,所以我要坚强,(清白)是我应该得到的东西。”   在美兰监狱门口,陈满的一位老友当场表示会支持他创业。陈满则说:“创业肯定是要的。但创业的目的不是为了想赚多少钱。而是要回报社会,回报这些关心、帮助过我的人。”   当初,陈满从四川来到千里之外的海南正是为了创业,结果却身陷冤狱。   陈满还说,将按照国家规定申请国家赔偿,“这是法律赋予我的权利”。   媒体采访结束后,陈满前往美兰机场办理了临时身份证,他将于今晚回到成都,明天即可回到阔别了二十多年的故乡――四川绵竹。相关的主题文章: