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# champagne champagne to warm the heart of the lottery information # – Sohu and the sudden drop in temperature under zero, you might prefer a cup of tea and a bottle of champagne?! But what if it’s a free champagne award? Would you refuse? Come and have a look at this period of champagne knowledge contest, the winning list has your name? Third-prize (5): Bai Xiaodong, Zheng Huijin, David (mobile phone, tail number 9020), Tang Xi Geng read? Prizes: Champagne Committee Limited Edition VR a pair of glasses two prize (3): Yu Nan, Hou Cui Ping, Li Pei? Prizes: Spiegelau Carnival series a glass of champagne (wheat the first prize sponsorship) (1): Sun Yushan prize: Champagne Barons de Rothschild Rothschild nonvintage champagne bottle (750ml) (sponsored by ASC fine wines) please more than winning friends through WeChat background with us, we will not win prizes express door-to-door Da ~ ~ friends must not be discouraged, always the final end is coming soon! The three day’s champagne awards can let people around envy to envy, continue to visit "champagne school" teaching website, start a new round of study! In addition, will be held in November 2016 in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, champagne master class continues to enroll, only a small number of places. Would like to come to the friends do not hesitate, Miss really do not know how long to wait! The above content is copyrighted by the French champagne industry committee, please indicate the source. Learn more champagne and champagne information please search WeChat public account: ComiteChampagne相关的主题文章: