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Cattle scattered lqxwcg catch trading day to earn 12% contrarian Phoenix Financial News in September 9th, two overall to maintain a narrow range, the small fluctuations, the popularity is still in the doldrums. Two points after the market diving, closing at the lowest point. Sell most of the time shares, PPP, this is the popularity of the injury place, without a strong plate plate relay, military, graphene and tourism are not picking up the banner, the resumption of tickets is too fragmented. At the close, the stock index at 3078.86 points, down 0.55%; entrepreneurship blackboard 2202.97 points, down 0.92%. Master contest "lqxwcg" today opened the green disc to buy Bohai shares, buy in the lowest turnover of almost all day long, after the stock shock pulled clear afternoon 2:34 successfully closed stability limit, fans to buy the day to earn 12%. Bohai shares the concept of PPP is the early leading shares, late today contrarian move up, a stable trading board, from the trend, the four day three, very strong; the stock Thursday all day long amplitude as high as 11.5%, the amount of energy released today after opening the massive share price to rise rapidly, closing sealing plate, the trend is more for personal independence of conduct become today, the dark horse. On the same day, LQ the morning auction only sold yesterday afternoon and Huaguang shares sold Oriental seiko. Another layout of the stock for the Dragon pipe industry today, the stock and the Bohai shares, is the concept of PPP pipeline construction, one of the leading areas of the sponge city.   "lqxwcg" SMS tips: if there is no subscription to subscribe to the success of SMS notification, please contact the customer service: 3470566465. At the same time, please do not reply to system messages, or it will cause the system to automatically unsubscribe. I have recently received feedback from users of SMS, which is why most of the background data show the user mobile phone terminal, recommend regular shutdown restart your mobile phone, mobile phone and SMS regularly clean up the memory space, and do not download mobile phone software with interception function. Welcome to contact customer service at any time. The operation of the master, help their success. Monthly subscription 698 yuan. Subscription time is calculated from the success of the subscription, such as: September 6th monthly subscription success, the calculation time is from September 6th to October 5th  相关的主题文章: