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Sports-and-Recreation Whether you consider yourself an avid camper who camps all year long in various parts of the world or just a recreational camper who camps with your family in the summer time, there are a few things that you will need to bring with you in order to make your trip as fun and safe as possible. Here is a brief rundown on the materials and equipment you should bring. Backpacks: If you are going to need to hike or backpack to your camping spot, the first thing you will need to look for then is the right backpack for the job. Of course you are going to want a lightweight backpack that has plenty of .partments and is large enough to fit all of your camping goods. Depending on your trip and what it will entail you will need to get a backpack best suited for your journey. They make packs with frames inside and out, and normal frameless backpacks for lighter loads. When buying a framed backpack it is essential to make sure that the backpack itself weighs nearly nothing. You don’t want to end up with a sore back after carrying all of the equipment in an already heavy backpack. Tents: There are a multitude of different tents to consider as well. Figure out how many people will be sleeping in the tent, the length of the trip, and how mobile and .pact it should be. Family camping trips where you can unload all of the equipment right out of the back of the car and you plan to stay on the same camping ground during the duration of the trip means you can pack up the biggest and heftiest tent around. Outdoor enthusiasts who are going to be hiking more than camping must consider the weight and size first. These folks should look for a lightweight, .pact tent that will keep them sheltered but still be able to put it up and take it down with the greatest of ease. Sleeping Bags: The same applies to sleeping bags as backpacks and tents. You are not going to want a real heavy sleeping bag if you plan on doing a lot of hiking. The technology of sleeping bags these days allows you to find 1 to 3 pound sleeping bags that will keep you warmer than a lot of the heavier ones of the past. They make bags for use in different climates so look over the temperature rating and the material it is made out of. Some bags will last longer and hold up to extreme conditions much better than others. Other Items: There are plenty of other things that should always be brought with you on a camping trip. Always bring a first aid kit, matches or lighter, a whistle for safety, food, clothing, and plenty of water. Flashlights, sunscreen, stove, and other fun items can be considered for a family camping trip as well. Always be sure to check and take a look at your equipment before you get to your camping spot. If your tent has holes or your sleeping bags have been eaten by mice it will not be such a good surprise. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: