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Burma media practitioners Yunnan "charging" – Beijing, China News Agency, Kunming, September 4 (reporter Ma Qian) 4, from Burma, 14 students and 3 teachers in Yunnan officially opened training courses. Yunnan University of Nationalities Burma high-end media seminar officially opened, they will press senior course of study for a period of 10 days of professional training and field in Yunnan. The training is a major part of the cooperation between the University of Burma and Yunnan University of Nationalities, Yangon, 14 participants in the training of the relevant media in Burma are working journalists, editors, as well as writers and professional translators. They will be at the Yunnan University of Nationalities and the Yunnan media and Yunnan Chenggong, Yuxi, stone and other places, to accept the news senior courses, professional training and study tours. "Through teaching, training and on-site visits, will allow trainees to further understand the cause and trend of change of media ecology in the age of the Internet, as well as the innovation and practice of development and change, China news theory of media convergence." The president of the Yunnan University of Nationalities said that Jinhua, which not only allows the Burma media practitioners to further understand China especially the situation of economic and social development in Yunnan, deepen understanding, expand consensus, also can make mutual feelings, continue to strengthen bilateral cooperation and exchanges between China and Burma, writing paukphaw friendship. The Jinhua said the next step, the Yunnan University of Nationalities and the University of Yangon will also from the teacher exchange, student exchange, 2+2 cooperation and other aspects, multi-level expand cooperation and exchanges. Yunnan Provincial People’s Government Information Office full-time deputy director Tian Huqing said, the many Burma media gathered in Kunming, the world’s media development trend research, communication media development experience of Yunnan’s economic and social development, to further strengthen the bilateral cultural and educational exchanges, enhance mutual understanding, enhance friendship and cooperation, has very important significance to expand communication. I hope that there will always be such a teaching, training opportunities, so that we can more multimedia and related cultural exchanges and development." Associate Professor Dr. Min Department of University of Yangon as a Burmese Moldova led by the head said, looking forward to promoting the development of the relevant departments of the two countries through more exchanges and cooperation, deepen friendship. (end)相关的主题文章: