Breaking the net tide struck again in the three aspects of preferred stock-sunny came home

"Breaking the net tide struck again in the three aspects of sina finance: App preferred stock live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you by my Fed rate hike is expected to heat up again for you, the external market slump, the Asia Pacific stock markets this week suffered black Monday, A shares are also not spared. And then, in the market of "breaking the net," the team also expanded again, as of Tuesday September 13th, a total of 33 home market A shares the latest closing price is less than the middle of this year’s net assets per share. The strong cyclical stocks is still the main force from "breaking the net net margin stocks", breaking the current situation of Baosteel is the most tragic, in September 13th, the company’s closing price of 4.9 yuan, while the middle of this year the company’s net assets per share of 7.02 yuan, compared with "breaking the net rate has reached 30.22%. Statistics show that currently in the "33 company broken net state in 21," breaking the net rate of more than 10%, in addition to Baosteel, Angang Steel, river shares, Bank of communications, bank China 4 companies "breaking the net margin were also more than 20%. Can be found in "breaking the net," the most serious company, iron and steel, the bank won almost all the list. Currently, 16 bank stocks, the 10 have been deeply broken net dilemma. Followed by the steel sector, there are 5 companies share price fell below the net asset value per share. In addition, transportation, mining, machinery and equipment, chemical and other industries, breaking the net company is relatively more, there are currently 3. As can be seen, easy to break the net situation stocks always come from the strong cyclical industry sector, and the future growth of these stocks are generally relatively weak. At this time, for investors, rose the opportunity the most concern is to stabilize the market rebound after breaking the net shares, but what is the "pie" or "trap", these depressions have investment value, and also can not be generalized. Careful to participate in "breaking the net", under normal circumstances, the market believes that the stock price fell below the net assets is a choice of value of the underlying basis, but this time also need to be combined with the listed company fundamentals and development prospects of the industry to study. Insiders said, "breaking the net shares mainly concentrated in some heavy asset industry, by the industry attribute, many stocks have become the norm in the vicinity of fluctuations in net assets, does not necessarily have investment value, but if large quantities of stocks breaking the net, can thus determine the overall market is relatively low risk, means more close to the bottom, at the bottom of industry can create some of the underlying shares. However, in recent years the majority of "breaking the net" stock market performance is not too good, the valuation of the company to a certain extent for a long time remain low, reflecting the market expectations for the company or industry, some performance decline, and some banks to hide bad debts expected more strongly, the stock still reflects an expected. Some analysts believe that if the industry as well as the future development of the company is also relatively good, then the company is unlikely to break. So, if you want to dig the broken net shares of the opportunity, first, try to choose the leading enterprises in the industry. On the profitability of leading enterprises相关的主题文章: