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You usually that your handycam is properly charged, before you actually step out for tours during the holiday season. I am sure you dont want to miss those special moments enjoyed with your family and friends, hence, it is re.mended to let your camera rest on a standby mode, when not in use. No matter how expensive your camera is and how clear is the recorded video file, but you will always need good video editing software to convert the raw footage into a beautiful movie. As per the movie-making experts, it is always considered that the raw footage will mostly be average therefore you will require efficient video editing software to make the average looking video clips attractive and catchy. Once you have all the recorded stuff with you, install a video editor for adding a little professional polish and a bunch of special effects to make your video more interesting. Although, .mercial video editing software can be pretty expensive but some software manufacturers offer free or trial versions of editing software to make you enjoy a better movie-making experience. Some of the great free tools are used for trimming clips down to size, adding a soundtrack or suitable captions, applying transitions and special effects. In this article, you will read about the top 5 free video editing software that helps in making a full-length feature movie from scattered clips of a raw footage. 1. Windows Movie Maker Windows Movie Maker 2012, also called as Windows Live Movie Maker, is a free video editing application by Microsoft Corporation. The software enables you to transform images, audio files, and short clips of pre-recorded video footage into full-length movies with enhanced visual and sound effects. Owing to its wide supporting array, you can easily make movies from various media files including images/video taken from digital cameras, mobile phones, flash cards and DVDs. The application works by adjusting the following four categories that will not only help you in making a good movie but also adds a professional touch to it: a) AutoMovie themes-The pre-installed themes that can be chosen by a user to give their movie a specific theme or direction b) Transitions-These can be slightly configured to add more excitement and professional touch to videos c) Visual Effects-A wide variety of visual effects are categorized into Cinematic, Mirror, Motion, Fades and many other for your convenience d) Text-A specified space for adding a beautiful title, captions and credits for explaining the exact details of the movie You can even add a professional video editing touch by experimenting with the fade effects, adjusting the speed of the frames, and by conducting proper trim and fade functions. Adding transitions and animations gives your movie a unique factor while adding music files allow you to portray a particular mood or feeling. Once the editing is finished, the whole project can be saved into various format displays or burnt directly to DVD discs. Now, share your personal movies on various social media websites including Facebook, YouTube, SkyDrive and others. 2. iMovie Apples iMovie, counted amongst one of the most convenient consumer-orientated video editing software, is packaged with iLife for an enhanced practicability for an everyday user. The application specifically runs on your on Macs and iOS, thus, cannot be enjoyed by Windows and Linux users. The software was first introduced in 1999 and since then Apple is updating it by adding a lot more features and functionalities to this program. The latest version of the software allows you to import and edit video clips from smartphones, professional camcorders, and other related devices. Supported by a well-oriented and a clean interface, the application runs extremely fast and is very easy to navigate. Apart from clubbing the videos, images and audio files, the application can also be used to produce full HD theatrical trailers of your full-length movie. The resulting video can be easily previewed in real-time to make the desired changes in any of the effects, before sending it directly to YouTube or burning it to a disc. An impressive FaceFinder, a basic audio editor, Full HD trailers and adding end credits to the video, are some of the latest features offered by the program. Some of the exciting features of the program: Insert titles, add effects and create a full soundtrack Adds numerous transitions and visual effects with an easy drag and drop function Pre-installed themes to make your movies look funny and professional Choose from 29 trailer templates to build your HD movie trailer Create a movie using Mac or iOS and share on iCloud Upload your edited videos directly to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and CNN iReport 3. Lightworks Lightworks is a non-linear editing system that offers a .plete package of both free and premium video editing tools. Some of its amazing features include professional-level color correction, real-time effects accelerated by the GPU, excellent video capturing skills, and high-end support to all leading video formats. It also includes a wide array of your traditional tools such as importing, trimming, and binding audio and video together with a few effortless mouse movements. The program has gained wide popularity over editors for its instant auto-save functionality that works amazingly in the background for saving your edited version during auto-shutdown and accidental power loss. The program also has the ability to select Avid and Final Cut Pro keyboard layouts, if you want to experiment with the default designs. Supported by a quick and on-point full-screen interface, the application possesses an excellent professional base that is well-organized to match up with other popular video editing software available in the market. Some of the exciting features of the program: Available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions Real-time architecture powered by GPU effects Available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux Supports 5K file formats for real-time editing Display your edits on Broadcast monitors using SDI hardware Enable Batch import to queue up multiple imports from different locations 4. Avidemux Avidemux, which is often referred as an Instagram of video editing software, is a quick, impressively capable and lightweight application that is specifically designed for video editing and video processing. The software is efficient in performing various editing functions including quick trimming, filtering, encoding, adding captions, cropping and many others. The cross-platform software operated on all the major operating systems including Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. The video editing software is high in demand because of its assorted projects, job queues, and custom scripting capabilities. Avidemux occupies a little space on your hard disk drives, allowing you to change the extensions and select individual output formats, when editing is done. Some of the exciting features of the program: Supports simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks Automates tasks using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities User can set up various functions including Transform, Interlacing, Colors, Noise, Sharpness, Subtitles and many others Offers a Bitrate Histogram for ensuring accurate results of frames Also supports less-known video codecs 5. VSDC VSDC, a free video editing program, is managed by a quickly accessible clean interface that helps you perform all the basic editing functions with ease. It is much reliable video editing program and is supported by a simple designed navigation ribbon. The software is capable of handling many .mon formats ranging from AVI to MP4 and is also proficient in tackling .bination of audio and video effects with ease. A beginner can easily perform basic editing functions including altering the lighting, splicing video, and applying filters and transitions in post production with optimal ease. While utilizing more power-intensive tools you may face some freezing issues but thanks to its automated saving function that saves your edited works at regular intervals. Its highly optimized save outputs allow you to play the final edited videos on a variety of devices, including smart phones and gaming consoles. Some of the exciting features of the program: Supports dozens of video codecs and formats Advanced visual effects and filters provides pro-look to the final video .bines multiple source chunks in different formats into a single HD video Enhanced filters turn .mon video sequence into a classy pro-quality movie Many videos and audios effects are conveniently grouped for your assistance Above mentioned are some of the free video editing software that can help you make your videos look more professional and appealing. Additionally, Pinnacle VideoSpin, Ezvid Free Video Editor, Kate’s Video Toolkit, MPEG Streamclip 1.2.1b6, VirtualDub, Freemake Video Converter and many others free video editing software can enhance your movie-making experience. Apply various visual and sound effects to make your videos look more attractive and real. Adding a bit of transitions, special effects, color corrections and titles can showcase a simple video with a powerful impact. Free video editing software often .es with a full-featured, easy-to-use graphic interface that may help a user to be.e a hard core professional video editor! 相关的主题文章: