Beijing – VIDEO – T-Bag for the first time signed a Chinese company will play a sci-fi boss

Beijing – VIDEO – "T-bag" first signed China company will appear in the science fiction BOSS "T-bag" Robert knep? Chinese company will first signed in a sci-fi BOSS [comment] in September 26th, Xinhua reporters from Jupiter pictures was informed that the famous American actor, has successfully created a T-bag drama "prison break" in the first quarter Robert knep has officially signed with Jupiter?, starred in the science fiction drama "the network effects to the body" role, this is also the first T-bag to join the film and television works China. [comment] Jupiter pictures CEO Zhang Xu said, "the birth" has been comprehensively prepared, is expected by the end of the boot. The challenge is Chinese TV drama lackluster robot, science fiction alien, tells the story of a man across and high intelligent robots, the mysterious power of the alien science fiction story. The whole drama is divided into four seasons, quarterly investment 40 million yuan, will be across the United States, Russia, Thailand, Chinese four. Robert knep? In the United States had "escaped" in shaping the success of a corner of T-bag, and was known to the audience, to join the "public body to" will play a big BOSS in the play, this is also the first T-bag to join Chinese. The same period []: Jupiter pictures CEO Zhang Xu is because T-bag is kind of bad, Pi Pi, always give a person a kind of feeling we can’t detect, this drama is a soft science fiction, but also bring you a lot of imagination, so we chose him, but his whole emotion, more expressive that is the kind of bad performance. [comment] on the same day, Jupiter pictures and music, 000 entertainment technology held a press conference in Beijing, to explore the network drama and the network movie in the production, distribution and marketing aspects of the layout, Zhang Xu believes that the entity industry and film culture products combined, the biggest pain point is the transformation problem. Several organic combination, upstream and downstream links open, in order to effectively assess the risk, reduce the production cost of film and television works, thereby improving the quality of the network drama, but also to provide the audience with the highest quality user experience. The day Jupiter also released a series of network drama and the network movie program, including "soft", "hammer The Classic of the Great Wilderness king", "Pirates of the dream master", "runaway" etc. it intern. Reporter Jean Bao Beijing reports相关的主题文章: