Ban Ki-moon’s limited expression of concern to European multinational land refugees-zibba

Ban Ki-moon of the European countries on land to refugees restrictions expressed concern at the original title: Ban Ki-moon in the Balkan land access to refugees restrictions expressed concern about the United Nations on 26 February, Xinhua (reporter Kong Xiaohan Ni Hongmei) UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon 26, issued a statement through a spokesman for Austria and other countries in the Balkan land passage is deeply concerned about the limits of refugees that calls for shared responsibility to deal with the refugee crisis. The statement said that Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia had imposed border restrictions on refugees in the Balkan land corridor, which did not conform to the 1951 Convention on the status of refugees and its protocols. The statement says that refugees from Turkey entering Greece continue to pour in, and that restrictions pose a dilemma for greece. Ban Ki-moon called on all countries to open borders and act in the spirit of shared responsibility and mutual support. Ban Ki-moon said that the vast majority of refugees are taken care of by developing countries, and the world should shoulder the responsibility to deal with the refugee crisis. In September 19th this year, the United Nations General Assembly held a summit on refugees. UN Secretary General spokesman Diya Rick said that UNHCR and UNICEF jointly launched the same day, through the establishment of relief stations in the form of providing refugees, children and their families to Europe to find family, asylum and advisory services. According to UNHCR and IOM statistics, more than 1 million refugees and immigrants sought refuge in Europe through the Mediterranean and land routes in 2015, of which about 80% started from Turkey and arrived in Greece by Aegean Sea. This year, about 100 thousand refugees and immigrants have landed in Europe through greece. (Editor) editor in chief: Ni Zijian

潘基文对欧洲多国陆上向难民设限表达关切   原标题:潘基文对巴尔干陆上通道对难民设限表示关切   新华社联合国2月26日电 (记者倪红梅 孔晓涵)联合国秘书长潘基文26日通过发言人发表声明,对奥地利等国在巴尔干陆上通道对难民设限深表关切,呼吁共同承担应对难民危机的责任。   声明说,奥地利、斯洛文尼亚、克罗地亚、塞尔维亚和马其顿等国在巴尔干陆上通道对难民实施边界限制,此类做法不符合1951年《关于难民地位的公约》及其议定书。   声明说,经土耳其进入希腊的难民持续涌入,设限的做法给希腊造成困境。潘基文呼吁所有国家开放边界,以共担责任、互相支持的精神采取行动。   潘基文表示,绝大多数难民都由发展中国家收留,全世界应共同承担应对难民危机的责任。今年9月19日,联合国大会将就难民问题举行峰会。   联合国秘书长发言人迪雅里克说,联合国难民署和儿童基金会当天联合倡议,通过建立救助站的形式,为到欧洲的难民儿童及其家人提供寻找家人、庇护和咨询等服务。   据联合国难民署和国际移民组织统计,2015年经由地中海和陆路前往欧洲寻求庇护的难民和移民总数超过100万,其中约80%从土耳其出发经爱琴海抵达希腊。今年以来,已有约10万名难民和移民通过希腊登陆欧洲。(完) 责任编辑:倪子牮相关的主题文章: