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Alternative Athletes should avail of beneficial sports massage therapy from professional massage clinics that likewise provide Swedish massage therapy, deep tissue massage therapy and pregnancy massage therapy in Brandon 33511, Bloomingdale, Riverview and Valrico. Terry Gerber, a 48 year old Ironman triathlete from Phoenix, relies on regular sports massage therapy from licensed massage therapist Alan McGarrity. Amy Lynn writes of their regimen in her article for Massage Envy Magazine published online in the Spring of 2008. The Ironman triathlon, according to Lynn, is "one of the most grueling tests of human endurance there is." It is made up of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run, all done in succession with no rest for the .petitors in between. Lynn reports that triathlete Terry Gerber went to massage therapist Alan McGarrity only after several years of .peting in triathlons and two years of .peting in the Ironman triathlon. Gerber needed relief when he pulled a back muscle and McGarrity of the Massage Envy Paradise Valley Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona helped him. Once free of his injury, Gerber decided to continue with regular sports massage therapy, realizing that it could boost his performance and his two hour daily workouts. McGarrity explains how massage therapy benefits athletes. He says, "Massage therapy increases blood flow to the muscles and, by doing that, it enhances athletic performance. The increased blood flow enhances a number of other body systems, including the immune system, which also contributes to improved performance." Gerber did experience the gains brought about by regular sports massage therapy. After a year of weekly treatments, he reported, "I’ve found that regular massage therapy is preventive. I’m less prone to injury and I recover faster from my workouts. Because I feel better, I’m able to keep up with my daily workouts." Gerber adds, "My flexibility has at least tripled, which, in turn, pays off big dividends in my training and performance during events. And being more flexible is another factor in keeping me injury-free." Gerber’s main issue, of course, is to improve how he performs as a triathlete, especially in the Ironman .petition. The therapy did not disappoint him in this regard. Regular sports massage therapy did help him show more power and endurance in the latter half of the triathlon. This is usually when most athletes are already exhausted but Gerber did much better than even he himself expected. "In the second part of my marathon I actually ran faster, which I thought was kind of remarkable," he says. Gerber clearly values his regular sports massage therapy. "To me, regular massage is a worthwhile investment to keep my muscles in shape so I can do the long workouts I need to do to be .petitive in my sport," he enthuses. The sports massage therapy that helps Ironman triathletes can also be availed of by any kind of athlete or even just sports enthusiasts and fitness buffs in Brandon 33511, Bloomingdale, Riverview and Valrico. No matter what sport each one is involved with, or even with no particular sport in one’s fitness regimen, anyone interested in physical fitness can gain numerous health benefits from this therapy. McGarrity re.mends having sports massage therapy scheduled at least once a week or once every two weeks at the bare minimum. Each person should consult his or her own massage therapist to determine what schedule is best for his or her particular condition. Aside from availing of sports massage therapy, athletes, sports enthusiasts and fitness buffs may also avail of and benefit from Swedish massage therapy, deep tissue massage therapy and pregnancy massage therapy from massage clinics in Brandon 33511, Bloomingdale, Riverview and Valrico. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: