Arrogance Spells Disaster-diqua

Leadership Between 1922 and 2007, more than 13,000 people have put themselves at risk to pursue their dream of standing on the summit of Mount Everest. 73% of them didnt reach the summit. 208 of them died. With so much at stake, Everest may be the best laboratory to observe arrogance and how arrogance threatens organizations. Like the climbing teams on Everest, when a .pany near the top fails to summit, you will find leaders who think only they know whats best for their teams and organizations. In their book High Altitude Leadership, Chris Warner and Don Schmincke reveal their mountaineering experiences as metaphors for leaders. With experience drawn from Chris 150 brutal and most difficult mountaineering expeditions, they present a new approach to leadership. Warner and Schmincke claim that arrogant leaders ignore warnings in boardrooms just as they do on mountain tops. They pursue their own selfish dreams, and do a lot of damage by putting others at risk, sometimes fatally. Arrogant leaders act as if the rules dont apply to them. For years, I believed that charisma and confidence were important leadership virtues for me to have. One day, a colleague told me that my confidence was perceived by many as arrogance. A serious blow to my ego, along with a gift of humility. Leadership greatness can only emerge when fueled by humility. Humility fuels high performance. It improves our judgment by tempering our ego. Although we can be good and effective leaders with big egos, making the leap from good to great requires something extra. We must learn to balance our big egos with humility. Often we dont appreciate the virtue of humility in our leaders. The most aggressive, charismatic, egocentric leaders I worked closely with in the past, have vanished from the business arena. Most of the humble, empathic and thoughtful leaders are still at the top of the game. They are CEOs and Chairpersons of highly successful organizations. Humility is one of the most important leadership virtues. Arrogance is very dangerous. As a student on the climb to leadership greatness, whenever I forget to balance my ego with humility, I learn the hard way how disastrous arrogance is. It can and will kill you AND your team, before you reach the summit. About the Author: By: Sandy Z – According to Jim Rohn there are seven qualities of a great leader. What are they? By: Sandy Z – How do you attract more clients and sell more product? You need to listen more. The less you say and the more you listen, the more you will sell. You need to be.e an active listener in order to be.e a great listener and convert people to your idea or product. You need to be.e an a … By: Nabanita Ghosh – Eminent Product Leadership Visionaries to meet under one roof in Pune at Product Leaders Forum on August 21st 2015 By: Jill Cohen – For anybody who is linked to a family group business, they always know that the long term success in the business is truly the toughest thing and the odds are all stacked against them. Simply a third of family business will survive the transition on the second generation and also get to you … By: Jill Cohen – Leadership is really a quality which everybody states value, yet many have a hard time defining. In order to turn into a better leader, you do not must depend on expensive consultants that ask you for sizable fees. Some of the most valuable strategies of learning to be a better leader can b … By: Jill Cohen – All businesses requires a leader, and each leader requires a clear and proven formula for achievement. Whether you’ve recently secured half a million dollars to fund a startup or are grooming successors within your family business, everyone and everything is dependent upon your top leadersh … By: Connie H. Deutsch – Don’t be so quick to say that leaders are born, not made; leadership can be developed. Most people don’t know what they’re capable of until they have a reason to rise to the occasion. By: Heidi Alexandra Pollard – Let’s face it – the GFC was financially crippling for many .panies and individuals around the world – but the Global Leadership Challenge should be more concerning as it has the potential to be even more devastating if it isn’t addressed and reversed. By: Heidi Alexandra Pollard – It was during working on a campaign while I was Director at WorkCover that I had an epiphany that would stay with me into all my future work and businesses. By: Heidi Alexandra Pollard – "Our jobs are killing us & the people who are responsible are our leaders." How did you feel when you read that? Harsh reality? Or perhaps you have had an experience yourself or heard someone say "my manager is killing me!" These might be throw away .ments around the water cooler but sa … 相关的主题文章: