Apple may be in the 2017 MacBook Pro on Intel optane ssd- technology Sohu nlite

Apple may be in the 2017 MacBook Pro on Intel Optane SSD- technology [Technews] Sohu science news on the previous test pointed out that the new MacBook Pro has the best SSD read and write speed, are 3.1GB s and 2.2GB s. However, apple in the foreseeable future, there may be pulled to speed up? In fact, the fourth generation of MacBook Pro 2017 is expected to appear in the first half of next year, except for the seventh generation Core processor Kaby and Lake prices, foreign media pointed out that another interesting update is likely to use Intel "Optane", as a new generation of SSD transmission interface. "Optane" is Intel’s brand name for its 3D-Xpoint SSD technology, similar to the Intel processor brand "Core". 3D-Xpoint technology compatible with Apple’s current NVMe interface, known as the highest mainstream flash 1000 times the speed, while supporting to 1.6 TB. Although the top section is obviously not used MacBook this kind of consumer products, such as Meguiar’s 3D-Xpoint brand QuantX is mainly aimed at professional server, but Intel’s "Optane" may be used for the first time in consumer products. Beyond is stored in flash memory is much faster compared to the general RAM, SATA SSD, MacBook Pro will probably than with RAM (LPDDR3) 100 times slower, and if it is MacBook Pro’s own market top SSD, can be closer to 65 times. However, if you change the Optane, then the gap will be narrowed to 8 times, Optane level of effectiveness can be seen in general. At present, the market is still the apple PCIe NVMe scheme pioneer, by this way, and the patented SSD controller (controller), Apple’s products will always get the memory read and write and delay (latency) performance to the industry’s top 7, such as iPhone and MacBook Pro. Due to the upcoming Intel Optane new Mansion Beach update cycle is close, after more than 1 years after the advent of the MacBook may have the opportunity to see the first batch of Mac to use 3D-Xpoint SSD pen. (source: Apple homepage) read: for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: