Appearance is very samsung! Apple VR head display device patent exposure tamiflu

Appearance is very samsung! Apple VR headset display device patent exposure according to foreign media reports, the U.S. patent and Trademark Office granted apple a wearing VR display device patent, patent documents show that the first significant equipment back with proximity sensor, touch panel, Home keys, keys and returned for the turntable user focus, will provide a better experience for iPhone users. Apple VR head wearing display device patent exposure (pictures from cnBeta) Apple patent documents described, this VR head is more suitable for small size phones and wearing glasses users. If the user inserts the iPhone  Plus, the system will display the content will be smaller than the actual screen, the resolution may also be reduced depending on the user’s eye distance. Patent application materials also show that the head itself with a proximity sensor, touch panel, Home button, return the button and focus on the user’s turntable. In the embedded slot of the mobile phone insertion head, the sound is generated by the earphone jack of the mobile phone instead of the head. In addition, Apple patent also stressed that the system is not limited to display a frame image. In order to generate stereoscopic vision, the system can provide multiple image frames (2 image frames)." In addition to the camera, apple is also equipped with a virtual reality head speaker, used to connect peripherals interface, a row with navigation, display adjustment, volume, playback and other buttons. In addition, it can also be used with the remote control, such as Apple’s Apple  Remote. As can be seen from the above patent documents, Apple seems to be developing more than Gear  VR better virtual reality head, iPhone users to provide stylish solutions. Of course, after all, only stay in the patent stage, as is not listed on the market. Compared to VR, in fact, apple is more concerned about AR technology. Earlier, apple CEO Cook said, AR and VR is currently the two most popular technologies, these two technologies are very interesting. But personally, I think, at least for now, AR has more potential."相关的主题文章: