Afraid of his son after the inferiority of his father in the chest of the same scar (Figure) candle june

If the son after Dad in the chest as the inferior scar (Figure) son scar (left), father tattoo scar (right) original title: Chengdu "tattoo dad" the son of the scar in the chest is like the most beautiful tattoo Chengdu full search news network (reporter Wang Ling) August 27th report there are a lot of people with tattoos is used to cover the scars, but Chengdu had a father came to a scar on the body of the text! Today, a "people is the scar you have to cover a tattoo of the fire scar" micro-blog, Chengdu full search news network reporter learned today in Chengdu, a warm heart of the father is afraid of his son because of scar on the body self-esteem, will take the initiative to the tattoo shop in his scar copied to himself with, and son have the same scar to support his son. WeChat screenshot will copy the son of the father warm heart to myself scars in August 12th, a Chengdu tattoo studio boss Guo received a single special business — "my son was two years old, had heart surgery, chest knife marks, I’m going to the text of a scar on his chest." Ms. Guo said that in the father and the communication, because of his baby heart surgery left a permanent scar, father is afraid of children grow up because of scars on the body self-esteem, so he broke a scar as like as two peas with children. "I was touched, he must try to tell the tattoo done and his son’s scar." No. 24, the father took his son to the chest scar photos tattoo shop, tattoo artist to store "crowd" to have a son and the same scar face excited you, Dad, dad was very calm. The boss Guo told the Chengdu full search news network reporter interview said, there are a lot of the meaning of tattoos, the father chose to use this unique way of expressing love for his son, so very touching, the child will grow up to be so grateful to have the warm heart of the father. Tattoo site users praise: This is seen the most beautiful tattoo! After the completion of the tattoo studio, Ms. Guo in micro-blog drying out the "love tattoo dad", attracted users a bit like forwarding forwarding. Unfortunately, the reporter wanted to find the "tattoo" Dad, he conveyed through tattoo shop owner does not want to interview will, he said, this is just a very ordinary things. The purpose is to be able to accompany the children to grow better. Netizen "magnetic Yin -" see the tattoo father thought about their own experiences, good touching… When I was four years old in the neck after the fireworks collapse of a small fist big scar, because it is not so light physical scars, a child for life and death should be covered, wearing a hoodie, grew up just fine. If you grow up to know my parents for me, the text of a, I will be moved and distressed. I hope you will be happy. Netizen "tsukishima sauce" also said in an interview with the Chengdu full search news network reporter, before the Internet to see foreign countries also have such a cool dad, did not think Chengdu is out of such a father’s father, the baby will feel very happy to have such a cool dad. Netizen "empty You" is the message said, this is the most beautiful he saw the tattoo!相关的主题文章: