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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Plasma TVs have been very popular and were the first HDTVs on the market (so a lot of you have them). .pared to LCD HDTVs, Plasmas have some positive and negative attributes that we’ll address so you can make the best decision. Advantage – Screen Size The smallest Plasma TVs are 42 inch and only go up from there. If you’re in the market for a larger TV, plasma HDTVs will have a lot bigger screens than LCD HDTVs. LCD screens range from an inch or two to about 50 inches. If you are buying a TV 50 inches or above, get a plasma, and make sure you get the 1080p resolution. At 50+ inches, you will really start noticing a difference in picture quality, and a 720p just might not cut it. Disadvantage – Cost Plasma HDTVs are generally more expensive than their LCD counterparts. They both are cheaper than the newer LED screens, but you will have the cheapest screen with an LCD. Plasma HDTVs also use the most electricity, which will cost you more in the long run. The difference isn’t huge, but over the course of the life of the TV, you might be paying an extra few hundred dollars. Advantage – Picture Quality The Plasma technology has a much superior picture quality than the LCD screen (however both are not as good as the LED screens). The colors on a plasma screen are more brilliant. The biggest difference is the black. Most people feel that when their screen is dark, it is displaying a black color. On LCD screens, it is just a dark shade of gray. Plasmas can display a true black because of their nature. Plasma screens also generally have a higher refresh rate than LCDs. This means that movies, games, or sports events with a lot of fast motion view much better on the plasma screen because the pixels will be able to "refresh" quicker than on an LCD screen. Disadvantage – Screen Size While Plasma HDTVs are excellent for bigger screen sizes, they are not available in smaller sizes. Usually you won’t be able to find a Plasma screen in less than 42 inches. Many TV owners are looking for an extra TV for their bedroom or bathroom and want somewhere between 30 and 40 inches. In this case, the LCD is the only choice. Also remember that if you do want a smaller TV, you likely don’t need to spring for the 1080p resolution. A 720p resolution will probably be just fine up to 42 inches in that you won’t notice a difference in clarity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: