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Admiral Liu Yazhou speech a person: less than half an hour, several degrees sob – Sohu Military Channel false comprehensive Chang’an Avenue governor report Liu Yazhou, speaking about a person in the]10 month 28 days, Chinese military network television disclosed a 81 admiral Liu Yazhou at the National Defense University speech video, in this period of less than half an hour in a speech Liu Yazhou, just tell a story, but choked several times. Liu: second pages in less than half an hour speech choked several times Xu Ruyan’s name is not known. In the ordinary post, she dedicated workers, often late to eat in the cafeteria. Encountered in the canteen colleagues, but also a little bit head, shy smile. But she is very strong, died three months ago, also participated in the school physical fitness test, also completed three thousand meters examination. The picture is Xu Ruyan. In his speech, many comrades Liu Yazhou and Taiwan under the tears, he sentimentalize said, "to the hospital after she (Xu Ruyan), then back to the cafeteria to eat, see what streams of people busily coming and going in the cafeteria, seems to have never been such a person, no one seems to know what she walked quietly." For many fans, Liu Yazhou’s name is almost impossible and "tears" detached, he is known as "high trust" and "military genius", "Chinese hawks" said. Recently, in the Sino Japanese relations, Sino US relations and military corruption and other issues, he is always tough voice. Especially in the army building, Liu Yazhou had bluntly: today, not reform is the biggest risk to the Chinese army. The crux of the reform is not the lack of reform momentum. The crux of the problem is not to touch the interests of individual interests. However, the harsh reality is that as long as self-interest, will eventually be hit. Even in school, he often shows a tough stance: "we are going to be our ancestors sooner or later. We should think about how to be a qualified ancestor and leave something for posterity. For example, in our school, teaching or scientific research; become a teacher or not become a teacher or become famous; or, not to become famous or have to leave some things, not worth living." The Liu Yazhou choked several times, not only for the death of Xu Ruyan touches, also hope that through this thing some reflection, he said: "my heart has been very not the taste, feel a lot to say. This should cause us all to reflect. A life so young, so quietly gone, too sad." What is the reflection of General Liu? In the speech, he mentioned the young cadres are faced with heavy work pressure, complex relationships, repressive traditional customs, the stifling of competition environment, and ask difficult at all levels of cadre of the youth in the home how many. These young cadres working and living in the perception, from his mouth of the zhichuo heart. We often say that "tough and tender", even if this is true, tender side really generous. This speech was given a number of points in the military network issued praise, there is an important reason, that is to say to do. National Defense University issued a special on strengthening the views of young and middle-aged cadres humane care, Liu Yazhou stressed the need to grasp.相关的主题文章: