A popular small fresh Poser Traced to two years for the 10 entertainment brokerage team – Sohu masa-c

A popular small fresh Poser? Traced to two years for the 10 brokerage team – Sohu   entertainment; popular little meat was two years tenth brokerage team fired Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported that the day before, there are insiders puliao, a development of small meat actor 2 years even for 10 groups brokerage team, the outside world will spearhead Wu Yifan, triggered a heated discussion.   friends named famous agent Ceng Pengyu in August 31st in individual micro-blog broke the news, a return to the mainland development near the small meat and its mother and replace the brokerage team, and is tenth times, 2 years ago is the irony: "haven’t heard the greatest wonders of the industry, not luck, kill is fat." Speculation has triggered curiosity in his mouth and small meat who is. Return to the development of meat was listed with actor Han group EXO Wu Yifan, deer Han, Huang Zitao, but almost all users will spearhead Wu Yifan, fans said Luhan never changed after returning to the brokerage team, and protect the family privacy, do not often mention foreign parents, and Huang Zitao is my father often stand out instead of speaking, Wu Yifan is very likely so that mother and lived a single life, more people burst out: "he (Wu Yifan) mother is very difficult." Cause a high degree of concern.相关的主题文章: