A park in Hebei District into a parking lot hidden frequent difficult management-noreply

A park in Hebei District into a "parking lot" hidden frequent difficult management was originally for public recreation park, was a car has become a spontaneous "parking lot". Yesterday, reporters in Hebei District Jintang Bridge next to a park to see "parking lot" in traffic and people are intertwined, brings security risks for the pedestrian park. 16 pm yesterday, reporters came to the scene to see, the park on the side of the Haihe River is filled with all kinds of vehicles, car team for more than 200 meters, the other side of the car park space has almost been filled, in an interview with reporters in the car continued in and out of the parking lot, but the ground is no mark white lattice parking. And the shuttle vehicle to make many people shunned the leisure park, the larger traffic has also attracted a lot of selling auto supplies vendors set up their stalls, the park environment has become more severe. According to nearby residents, the "parking lot" entirely by parking owners spontaneously formed, at first just to work in the vicinity of the owners parking, but because it does not belong to the city road, the traffic control department cannot be punished for parking, so more and more owners found the free "Feng Shui", here the parking behavior intensified, thereby affecting the function of leisure and sightseeing park public security. This statement has also been confirmed by a traffic policeman nearby. Yesterday, the reporter on the matter repeatedly call Hebei District City Department, but the phone has not been connected.

河北区一公园变成“停车场” 隐患频出难管理   原本是供市民休闲的公园,却被一辆辆汽车占据,成为了一个自发“停车场”。昨日,记者在河北区金汤桥旁的一公园内看到,“停车场”内车流与人流交织在一起,为公园的行人带来了安全隐患。   昨日16时,记者来到现场看到,该公园靠海河一侧停满了各种车辆,汽车的队伍长达200余米,公园的另一侧空地也几乎被汽车占满,在记者采访过程中仍不断有汽车进出该“停车场”,但其现场地面上根本没有标注停车位的白线格。而来往穿梭的车辆使不少来公园休闲的市民避之不及,该处较大的车流量也吸引了不少贩卖汽车用品的商贩摆摊设点,这使公园的环境变得更加恶劣。   据附近居民介绍,该“停车场”完全是由车主自发乱停车形成的,起先只是附近上班的车主在此停放车辆,但由于该处不属于城市道路,交管部门无法在此对乱停车进行处罚,因此越来越多的车主发现了这块免费的“风水宝地”,此地的乱停车行为愈演愈烈,进而影响了公园的休闲功能和市民游览安全。这种说法也得到了附近一位值勤交警的证实。昨日,记者就此事多次致电河北区市容部门,但其电话始终未接通。相关的主题文章: