A number of people in Luzhou closing price memo 2 months off 20 years of water pork face

A number of people in Luzhou closing price memo 2 months off 20 years of water area of the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of Ms. Ma, who lives in Luzhou City Jiangyang District 100 Fang District 4 Building 1 unit encountered a suck thing: the water meter reading staff told her, this two months, her water turned out 2008 tons. "God, 2 months spent on the water for about 20 years, how could this be possible?!" On the "price for memo", Ms. Ma. A family of three people on the eve of the eve of the Mid Autumn Festival with water for 2 tons, Ms. Ma received a water meter reminder: the meter reading of water anomalies, using water for 2 months, 2008 tons of water. MS Ma’s first reaction was, how could this be possible?. Yesterday, Ms. Ma to Sichuan city newspaper reporter produced the first few months of water bill, July 31 tons of water, the other months in accordance with the 2 month payment once to calculate, but also 30 tons of water every time. Ma old two with a grandson at home, simply can not use so much water. Ms. Ma moved from 2006 to 100 square residential area, has been 10 years. See from the payment list, as of July this year, the total amount of 931 tons of water meter, that is, Ms. Ma for a total of 10 tons of water consumption of 931 tons. These 2 months soared by 2008 tons of water, enough for the family to spend more than 20 years. Recommended reading: Deyang District 270 thousand yuan of water leakage of the owners of 80 thousand yuan Chengdu uncle house for three years did not live without stop thousand yuan of water meter which gave Luzhou two building owners in 2 years did not pay water charges a penalty of up to 327 thousand in Chengdu Wenjiang district residents 3 years under more than 50 thousand water 51 residents without water day Pixian tap water 7 the two factory completed in June next year the city center daily water supply of 500 thousand tons received over 5300 yuan price Memo "yesterday, Sichuan city newspaper reporters came to the home of Ms. Ma, she said, found the problem has closed the inlet valve, home a few days without water use, water group for them to pick out pipe, it used Sheung Shui, but also the cost of installation to be settled. Ms. Ma said that when the water company to check, put on the new water meter, but still turn very quickly, the water supply company said it is estimated that after the water supply pipeline leakage. Really want to find a reason for the loss, need to be dug into the ground to find the pipe, these costs need to take a ma. Taking into account the cost is too high, Ms. Ma chose not to dig pipe inspection, but to re connect a root canal, which was re used water. Ms. Ma’s water meter installed in about twenty or thirty meters away from the wall of the building of the 3 units in the box, the plot of the cell floor of the 3 units are concentrated in one place, Ms. Ma lived in the distance between the 1 elements of the unit 3. Ms. Ma said that 2 months of home water is not unusual, did not think there will be a lot of water leakage, water meter installed far, did not check the water meter. In the absence of awareness, it quietly omitted more than 2 thousand tons of water, it is too terrible, Ms. Ma said that if the meter reading is not a monthly meter reading, I am afraid that she will not lose so much more than 2. Ms. Ma preliminary estimates of what, in accordance with the current price plus garbage disposal, sewage treatment equipment相关的主题文章: