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Real-Estate One of the ways of classifying residential apartments is on the basis of number of storeys. The ones with only upto 3 storeys (popular as Ground plus two) are known as low-rise. The ones with 4 or more storeys and up to 10 storeys are called mid-rise and above this limit are the high-rise apartments. Low-rise projects are not required to have elevators. In the development of a particular area, assessment is made of the population pressure on resources and accordingly approval is given for low, mid or high rise apartment towers. Each of these has its own merits which attracts buyers. Puri Pratham, a project in Sector 84 of Faridabad is a mid-rise project having which offers 2 and 3 BHK units in 4 different area choices. After the successful delivery of the award winning Puri Pranayam project, Puri Pratham was launched with the USP of more living area and modern lifestyle for its residents. The 2 BHK apartments of 1100 sq ft area are one of the most spacious in the region. You would find most 2 BHK units is sub-1000 sq ft built-up area size. The carpet area which can be used by residents of these 2 BHK units is about 800 sq ft. Similar is the case with other units which allow for .fortable living by enabling usage of more area. There are 11 towers in all in this project. Towers 2, 9 and 11 has 8 residential units on one floor. Towers 5 and 6 have 4 units on a level. All other towers have 6 residential units on each floor. Another important feature of these towers is that each tower does not have same area units on one floor. But, on the contrary, there are 1100 sq ft, 1300 sq ft and 1400 sq ft area units on same floor of a tower. Only Tower 11 has all 8 units of same 1400 sq ft area. Another important feature of the project is the existence of a shopping centre within the .plex. Since the region is under development, there are small markets at present located at different locations. There are many .mercial projects on the anvil in all sectors but will take some time to .plete and populate. As many families .e to live in the project, presence of a shopping centre for buying daily use .modities is a great facility. Puri Pratham has taken a step towards self-sufficiency in this respect. A recreational centre is another highlight of the project. People of all age groups can be a member of this recreational centre. In fact, the club membership is offered at the time of fresh booking for a fee and is transferred whenever the unit is sold out to another buyer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: