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Health In todays world where everything seems to run at a fast and hectic pace, it is a challenge for most to keep up without giving in to stress. And a factor to define how we fare in the busyness of our daily engagements is our physical health. Eating more alkaline-based foods can help with that. Since everything now can .e in an instantfrom your noodles (just add water, instant food) to your emails (just type and click, instant message)most of us may find it attractive to settle with convenience and fast foods. But then, we should be aware that, despite these foods being tasty and readily available, they can have hazardous effects to our health. These problems, however, can be countered if we maintain a healthy balance in our diet, which can be made possible by including alkaline-based foods in our diets. According to American author Robert Young, who is known to endorse alternative medicine, it is best for us to observe a diet that balances the acidity and alkalinity in our body. (Note: spaghetti, burger, and other fast food items are acidic). He said that our vitality strongly depends on this food equilibrium. As such, it would help if people who are fond of processed food would consider taking in alkaline-based foods, to ensure they stay well and disease-free. Alkaline-based foods are foods that leave an alkaline residue in the body after the food is metabolised. They are rich in calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, and magnesium. You need not worry since these foods are not hard to find. In fact, most are already familiar to us; we are just not aware that they belong in such food type. Examples are fresh vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, sprouts, mushrooms, etc.), fruits (avocadoes, lemons, limes, grapefruits) and low-sugar foods. Other foods falling to this category are chilli peppers, chestnuts, almonds, ginger, and other herbs. All others that are contrary to the characteristics of alkaline-based foodsthose foods that are sweet, alcoholic, caffeinated, and rich in saturated fatsare considered acidic. If one regularly eats alkaline foods, they are securing their place on the path to amazing health. Also, being considerably spared from flu, osteoporosis, obesity, skin disorders, and even cancer can be expected. Furthermore, the chance of an alkaline food eater to experience persistent headaches, joint and muscle pains, spasms, and fatigue, is rather slim. Besides fortifying ones immune system, dining on alkaline-based foods can also result in increased strength and stamina, mental clarity, and better digestion. It is said that once people undergo an alkaline diet, they can regain the vibrance they had back in their younger years and can even look noticeably younger! Balance between acidic and alkaline based foods is the key. How can we then know if the diet we are observing is indeed balanced already? Young theorized a balanced diet to have an intake of 70-80% alkaline foods and 20-30% acidic foods. This, he said, is key to a greater sense of wellbeing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: