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Golf The natural diversity of its courses makes the sport of golf in India very exciting. It has the highest course at Gulmarg in Jammu and Kashmir as well as the oldest golf club in the world outside Great Britain which is better known as the Royal Calcutta Golf Club which was formed in the year 1829. Wherever you go you are sure to find a golf course be it in the mountains, plains, deserts and beach resorts. Another unique thing about these courses is that nearly all of them are well connected by road, air and train. Quality ac.modation is available in most of the neighboring areas of the golf courses. All the golf clubs in India were affiliated to the Royal Calcutta Golf Club which in turn followed the rules of St. Andrews club of Scotland till the early 1950s. However, in December, 1955 some renowned golfers of the country got together and formed the Indian Golf Union. This Union became the governing body for the game of golf in India Today the Indian Golf Union is now affiliated to the World Amateur Golf Council. This Union has done a lot to promote golf in India. One of its most remarkable tasks after its inception was to start the first training camp in India in the year 1957. The training camp was held in the Royal Golf Club, Calcutta. Professional s, assistant professionals and caddies were brought from all over the country and extensive training was given to them to teach golf. The year 1958 is a landmark in the history of Indian Golf Championship as it was to be played alternately at Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta. 1964 will also be remembered as an annual event of the India Open Golf Championship being played for the first time in Delhi. It was won by Peter Thompson, an Australian golfer. Today golf in India has .e a long way right since its inception. There are a large number of Indian golfers who .pete in international .petitions and have made a name for themselves in the world scenario. All this has led to the dramatic development of the game. Golf enthusiasts are growing in numbers and new courses are added almost every year. The crowning glory of golf in India was when Delhi was chosen to host the first ever golf .pletion for the Asian Games in 1982. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: