Savaari Car Rentals Road To Safe Journey-下北glory days

Arts-and-Entertainment Bangalore 12 June 2013: The traffic boards and hoardings giving a caution for longer life, talking on how to avoid drunk driving, stands for fashion these days. Though they have been flashing at all possible turns, but just gets avoided by the concerned person while driving. With huge number of road accidents and loss of lives since a month, this has become a serious concern for an individual; and keeping this in mind, Savaari Car Rentals, who are one of the premier car rentals company in the country, has taken up steps to ensure safety of the passengers at every possible way. With customer satisfaction as the motto, Savaari Car Rentals always ensures the safety of the passengers as their prime concern. Not only with the driving speed on the road, but also keeps a tab on the attitude of the chauffeur towards the passenger while driving the cab. Due to careless attitude of the chauffeurs, there are very high chances of customers lives getting into danger. There is a high risk of the chauffeur being incapable of driving, when they are made to work for extended hours, which happens in case of lot of other car rental companies. They work in multiple shifts, get deprived of proper sleep and get irritated on passengers leading to rash driving and knock on roads. Savaari, like other car rental companies doesn’t make their chauffeurs work overtime, thus ensures the chauffeurs get ample amount of sleep which helps them in being alert while driving at all times. The chauffeurs are made to go through various training programs which teach them to be well mannered and courteous. They are also trained to handle various kinds of situations in case of an emergency. Savaari cars have a first aid kit in all their cars and the driver is equipped with a mobile phone which helps him make calls at any given point of time in case he needs any assistance. Also, if the passengers feel uncomfortable or if they have any issues with the chauffeur, they can always call the Savaari Call Centre and express their discomfort. To ensure on the safety of the women passengers, Savaari has introduced a mobile application which helps in tracking the cab at all times. Also, Savaari keeps a record of all their drivers’ personal details as well as the driving credentials and it is also make sure that they are well versed with the regional routes and are bilingual which helps in making the journey hassle free and memorable. Safety for our passengers especially for our women customers has always been our focus area. All our processes and technology solutions have been built around this. We firmly believe that this focus helps us provide our customers a differentiated service than what exists in the industry which helps us get a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, said Gaurav Aggarwal, Founder and CEO of Savaari Car Rentals. Savaari Car Rentals makes sure their customers are provided with quality service no matter which part of the country they hire their cabs from. Since safety of women has become a huge concern of late, steps have been taken by Savaari to ensure customers safety. They have been piloting an android based application which will be carried by the drivers and will allow Savaari not only to track the car and driver but also provide the necessary checks to the customers based on their request. The market segment Savaari focuses on is the local and outstation usage which is 86% of the entire car rental market at a pan India level. These online leaders at the same time are also boosting the E Commerce business paving a trend change for better prospects. About Savaari Car Rentals: Savaari Car Rentals Private Limited, launched in the year 2006, currently services 60 cities across the country. The company has established a network of 158 vendors and now boasts of one crore trip kms and eight lakh trip hours to its credit. Savaari, the business venture, founded by Gaurav Aggarwal, aims to bring in standardization in an industry that is ruled by fluctuating fares and service standards. For further information please log on to For media queries only contact: Deepika Shetty: 9886305432/ [email protected] Nabanita Ghosh: 8431891956/ [email protected] 相关的主题文章: