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Home-and-Family There are numerous carpet cleaning .panies out there to choose from. Have you ever thought to think why that is and why some seem to be independently operated and others are part of a larger franchised organisation? One answer is that it’s an easy industry to get into, with low start up costs and no demanding examinations to get through before start up, anyone can be up and running with a viable business with a proven demand in no time. Now there is nothing wrong with that at all, everybody has to find their level and niche. There are numerous independent carpet cleaning .panies that have gone from small beginnings to fairly large and well managed enterprises that deliver an excellent service. Of course this relatively easy start up business also attracts the unprofessional and cowboy element. But why do some individuals choose to go down the franchise route in order to get their carpet cleaning .pany started? This route certainly is a more expensive option, with some franchise .panies looking for in excess of £20,000 to buy in and get started. Independents can set up their carpet cleaning .pany for a fraction of this. But this seemingly expensive route to market has some appealing advantages to aspiring entrepreneurs such as: Lower Risk of Failure – It is a well accepted fact that a start up within a franchise organisation has a far higher chance of success than those that set up on their own. Collective support and the notion that success breeds success makes for a far lower risk of failure. Training – Franchised organisations are usually far better trained, although this is not always true. Training is usually a formal part of the process and is a key selling point for those selling the franchise. Support – Franchises are usually better supported with ongoing training, equipment updates and the ability to seek advice from other experienced operators within the network. Marketing – Franchised operations usually have a well equipped marketing arm with numerous pre-formatted leaflets and artwork that the owners can use to advertise their business. It is probably for these reasons that franchised carpet cleaning .panies seem to flourish and continue to attract willing buyers. The owners of independantly owned carpet cleaning .panies will argue that they are free from meddling master franchise owners and have lower costs that can be passed onto customers. They may also feel that they are free to buy the best of equipment as they are not tied to any one supplier as is the case with franchises. So there it is, some of the reasons why we have independent carpet cleaners and franchised carpet cleaners. In the end it boils down to the business owners choice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: