Changsha 13 units due to fire hazards listed warning, rectification and acceptance-申威1600

Changsha 13 units are listed after the approval for warning rectification of fire hazards (original title: Changsha 13 units due to a major fire hazard warning by listing the September 14th News) today, Changsha municipal government held a special city’s major fire hazards rectification work supervision meeting, announced the 13 units of major fire hazards supervise the handling of the Changsha municipal government in 2016. Tang Xiangyang, vice mayor of Changsha, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. 13 units of major fire hazards, including Changsha fruit vegetable wholesale market, Hunan Sifang compass Commercial Plaza, Tianxin District Furong new Home Furnishing Plaza, the fire hazard is mainly the existence of fire channel, identification standard, linkage control equipment can not be normal operation of the fire, firefighters did not fire certificates, incomplete procedures, without the acceptance of unauthorized investment use or business etc.. Tang Xiangyang said that the city government will send a working team to check the relevant departments of the rectification of hidden dangers. No rectification of major fire hazards supervise the handling of the government, the implementation of "one vote veto" in government fire control work responsibility target assessment and acceptance of this year; the larger fire or dead people have greater social impact of fire during the rectification, the responsible units and persons responsible for serious accountability. The rectification is completed, will be organized by the municipal government approval to close the case, removal of major fire hazards unit warning signs. Tie bar comprehensive renovation bar fire safety mid autumn small holiday coming, bar has become the first choice for many young people to gather friends. In order to prevent serious fire accidents such as bars and other personnel gathered, from September 12th to November 10th, Changsha fire safety committee will carry out the special rectification of fire safety in the city. Special action will be combined Township, police stations to concentrate on the investigation of the district bar, supervision and rectification of the hidden fire hazards have been found, investigated and dealt with according to law. Failing to comply with the requirements of rectification will be shut down. (Sanxiang reporter correspondent Yang Yu Liu Shujing)

长沙13单位因火灾隐患被挂牌警示 整改后再验收(原标题:长沙13单位因重大火灾隐患被挂牌警示)本报9月14日讯 今天,长沙市政府专门召开了全市重大火灾隐患整改工作督办会议,公布了长沙市政府2016年挂牌督办的13家重大火灾隐患单位。长沙市副市长唐向阳出席会议并讲话。13家重大火灾隐患单位包括长沙四方水果农贸批发市场、湖南指南针商业广场、天心区新芙蓉家居广场等,消防隐患主要是存在消防通道、标识不达标,消防联动控制设备不能正常运行,消防员未持证上岗,消防手续不全,未经消防验收就擅自投入使用或营业等情况。唐向阳表示,市政府将派出工作组,检查各地相关部门对隐患整改的情况。对政府挂牌督办的重大火灾隐患没有整改的,将在今年的政府消防工作责任目标考核验收中实行“一票否决”;整改期间发生较大亡人火灾或有较大社会影响火灾的,对相关责任单位和责任人严肃追责。整改完毕后,将由市政府组织验收销案,摘除重大火灾隐患单位警示牌。连线全面整治酒吧消防安全中秋小长假来临,酒吧成了不少年轻人聚朋会友的首选。为防止酒吧等人员聚集地发生重特大火灾事故,9月12日至11月10日,长沙市消防安全委员会将在全市范围内集中开展酒吧消防安全专项整治。专项行动将联合乡镇、派出所对辖区酒吧集中摸底排查,对已经发现的火灾隐患督促整改、依法查处。未按要求整改的一律关停。(三湘都市报 记者 杨昱 通讯员 刘书径)相关的主题文章: