Nanchong fish pond twenty thousand pounds of fish strange death, farmers lost nearly 200 thousand yu-捷安特xtc750

Twenty thousand pounds of fish ponds in Nanchong died farmers losses of nearly 200 thousand yuan (Figure) Nanchong (micro-blog) news (reporter Xu Siqian) October 19th, live in Pengan (micro-blog) gold village is the source of the town farmers Ho, night woke up and found himself farmed fish appear dead, after a preliminary estimate the loss of nearly 200 thousand yuan. After the incident, the relevant departments immediately involved in the investigation. Reporters learned that, at present, the dead fish have been sent to the relevant departments for inspection. According to the farmers Su, he contracted a piece of 50 acres of pond in Pengan county is the source of the town of gold village farming, this batch of fries and death was raised last year, after their care, average every fish weighs three or four jin. All the fish died, which brought him a big blow. "19 in the morning, I found some fish began to die shortly after the large fish died, until seven or eight in the morning, 20 thousand kilograms of fish dead, loss of nearly 200 thousand yuan." Mr. Su said, after the event, he immediately called the police, the police station police also rushed to the scene for investigation. Mr. Su told reporters that he engaged in farming industry for many years, and have a certain experience, and nearby areas without water pollution, so he guesses the fish in the pond there is a large area of death, possibly for others. Government official told reporters in Pengan county is the source of the town after the incident, the government staff rushed to the scene for disposal. "We understand that this situation, first ask the farmers to stop farming, and in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, let the dead fish salvaged buried, while prohibiting the nearby villagers buy Edible fish." The responsible person, taking into account the loss of farmers, the government will be able to within the scope of its corresponding help. Reporters learned from the Pengan police, the dead fish have been sent to the relevant departments for inspection, the case is under further investigation. Editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading thousands of pounds of fish pond died mysteriously found a large number of pesticide bottles

南充鱼塘两万斤鱼离奇死亡 养殖户损失近20万元(图) 南充(微博)新闻网讯(记者 徐嗣千)10月19日,家住蓬安(微博)县正源镇金线村的养殖户何先生,一夜醒来发现自己养殖的鱼不断出现死亡,经过初步估计损失近20万元。事发后,相关部门立即介入调查。记者了解到,目前,死鱼已被送往相关部门进行检验。据养殖户苏先生介绍,他在蓬安县正源镇金线村承包了一块50亩的塘进行养殖,而死亡的这一批鱼苗是去年养殖的,经过自己细心照料,平均每条鱼都有三四斤重。鱼儿全部死亡,给他带来了巨大的打击。“19日凌晨,我起来发现有一些小鱼开始死亡,不久后大一点的鱼也死了,直到早上七八点,2万斤鱼死亡殆尽,损失接近20万元。”苏先生说,事后他立即拨打了电话报警,派出所民警也赶到现场进行调查。苏先生告诉记者,他从事养鱼行业已经多年,并具有一定经验,并且附近区域没有水源污染,所以他猜测自己鱼塘里的鱼出现大面积死亡,很可能是他人所为。蓬安县正源镇政府相关负责人告诉记者,事发后政府工作人员第一时间赶到现场进行处置。“我们了解到这个情况后,首先要求养殖户停止继续养殖,并且为了防止疫情扩散,让其将死鱼打捞上岸进行深埋,同时禁止附近村民购买死鱼食用。”该负责人称,考虑到养殖户损失惨重,政府将在力所能及的范围内对其进行相应的帮助。记者从蓬安警方了解到,目前死鱼已被送往相关部门进行检验,案件也正在进一步调查中。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 上万斤鱼离奇死亡 塘边发现大量农药瓶相关的主题文章: