Let the hearts of perpetual motion speed more slowly-wegener肉芽肿

Let the hearts of perpetual motion speed more slowly, let the hearts of more slowly, the speed of machine learning, and "Buddhist thought" environmental sense I remember the first time to go to the supermarket, is very excited, really good things ah, want to see this, also want to see that. I like a child into the toy kingdom, the east look west, unknowingly filled with a basket, ha ha, there was no wheelbarrow…… Later, more and more afraid to go to the supermarket, because the economy is not well-off, I found the supermarket, there is no 200 yuan is not coming, I began to blame the supermarket to make my economic situation worse. Later, financially, even more afraid to go to the supermarket, because the supermarket is a good place to kill time, go to the supermarket, not 3 hours are unable to return home, to provide convenient online shopping, I can save some time. My heart is always infinite emotion, the supermarket is really a bad place. After learning this period of teaching I see light suddenly, the original bad is not a supermarket, my heart, my heart is that everywhere, encountered a bit of luck you desire. The tutor in this period the Dharma discovery: "Buddhism believes that any act must promote causes and conditions, both of which are indispensable. From this perspective, the market orientation is only one kind of edge, is a kind of encouraging consumption growth on the edge, but the key factor depends on our own." Yes, I began to reflect on their own behavior, the network of supermarkets and physical supermarkets compared to really save my money and time? The answer is negative. It was just the cart that was pushed by both hands and replaced by a shopping cart with a mouse control, and because of the lack of time on the road, he began to see what he wanted on the home page. On the issue of the "thing", if we fail to cure their own desires, shopping place no matter where we are, no hide. We live in the network, click rate analysis is not Baidu, but our own perpetual desire. Once I realized the truth of the matter, I began to think about the cure: 1. Shopping list, the day to buy only the things on the list; 2. There is nothing on the list, the day can not buy, can only be put into the shopping cart, a week after the payment. In this week, as long as the "shopping cart" in the things, it is necessary to repeatedly ask yourself this question: this thing is necessary to life, but also their own love? Do you have a substitute for this thing? I hope that through the above method, to control their own desires, let the hearts of perpetual motion is slow, more slowly……相关的主题文章: