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National Day flowers: Kaifeng Longting colorful chrysanthemum fragrance [eleven edition] – National Day: Kaifeng Longting travel Sohu flowers colorful chrysanthemum fragrance from after the millennium, the official in the autumn, the National Day is approaching, I am in the north have coolness, in this colorful autumn leaves, if only the scene seems to too sad, but beautiful chrysanthemum will bloom, bloom time can always feel the warmth of the sun. "The book of Rites" in article · home: "fall of the month, with Huang Hua, that the chrysanthemum is flowers in autumn, and at the time of chrysanthemum are wild species, and the flower is yellow. As the four gentlemen (meilanzhuju) of chrysanthemum, known as the "snow character, so Tao Yuanming" picking chrysanthemums Dongli, leisurely Nanshan see "famous Qu Yuan" Lisao ";" toward the drink Magnolia falling dew, Luoying "evening meals Qiuju words; Tang · Meng Haoran" visiting an old friend ":" when the Chongyang, but also to the chrysanthemum." Chinese Shangju and drink chrysanthemum wine on the Double Ninth Festival custom in ancient myths and legends, chrysanthemum is also endowed with good luck, the meaning of life. According to the classic records, China has more than 3000 years of history of chrysanthemum cultivation. The earliest record found in the "official", "Bu Ya", also from the Zhou Dynasty to the spring and Autumn Period "Book of Songs" and "Lisao" in the records of chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum is a rare ornamental flower after long-term artificial selection cultivation, around eighth Century, as ornamental chrysanthemum by China spread to Japan, at the end of the seventeenth Century Holland businessmen will China chrysanthemum introduced in Europe in eighteenth Century spread to France, the middle of the nineteenth Century introduction of North America, then Chinese the chrysanthemum cultivated throughout the world. There is a long Ting Park in China’s Henan province city, ancient buildings here, according to Shi Ke can be traced back to the Tang Dezong during the reign of Li Shi (780 – 805) built by the army’s military Yongping Jiedushi legacy office. After five generations back, Hou Jin, Han and Zhou have to be converted into a palace. When the Northern Song Dynasty imperial also here, called in. In the Late Jin Dynasty, as the imperial palace. It is after the death of gold yuan, Jiangbei Henan province government office. At the end of the Yuan Dynasty peasant uprising in the Red Army as a temporary camp Phoenix regime. To the Ming Dynasty, the rulers and the construction of fan palace week be busy at putting up installations. Shunzhi sixteen years (1659), set up in the palace on the site of the week immediately, as the examination place for. Kangxi thirty-one years (1692), the original palace in Meishan had built a week on Wanshou Pavilion, pavilion dedicated to the emperor long live tablets, festive ceremony or the emperor’s birthday, local officials here. Thanks to Zhu he. So the Meishan to Dragon Mountain, referred to as the "dragon". Today we see is Longting park. The opening of the chrysanthemum Festival this year is thirty-fourth, in the annual October 18th to November 18th, in the opening of the eight dynasties, colorful high streets and back lanes will be covered with chrysanthemums, red, yellow, purple, white,…… At that time the entire opening. It is an ocean of flowers, think of flowers flowers, chrysanthemum tea is like the sea like to know why Tao Yuanming Aiju wrote them.相关的主题文章: